Press Statement

By Javier Rodriguez and Ruben Gonzalez Los Angeles May 2, 2017

Conclusively, this May 1st 2017, hundreds of thousands marched nationally in  defense of  immigrants, children, women, Muslims, workers, unions, gays and against the continued inhuman, racist, brutal and misogynist attacks by Pres. Trump and his underlings, US Attorney General  Jeff Sessions and Homeland Security’s Chief Kelley. The message to the neo-fascist billionaire administration was clear, “today we Latinos and immigrants got our stride back with hundreds of cities marching against you, and we have finally opened the door to once again build a movement as powerful as the millions that marched and boycotted during the Immigrant Spring  of 2006, and with it and all allies, we will force your ass out of the White House”.

The powerful rebuke to the president’s negligible 100 days in office, was the largest show of street power by Latinos in diverse cities like New York, Milwaukee, Miami, San Francisco, and proudly May Day in Los Angeles was 50,000 strong in the streets of McArthur Pk, Wilshire Blvd, Hill and Broadway, Boyle Heights. Statewide tens of thousands protested in San Francisco and more in Pomona, La Puente SGV, Riverside, Santa Ana and Long Beach.

For the usually divided immigration reform groups in and around downtown LA., this was the largest demonstration since 2010, when ¼ million people marched against Arizona’s SB 1070.  However, of all the mobilizations, the day belonged to the CHIRLA, labor and Day Laborers led Coalition and its 60 plus organizations. With an estimated 40,000 marchers -our count- their event extended a mile, wall to wall, all the way through City Hall. This, the largest block consumed 90% of the media coverage directly with their opening kickoff and indirectly through staged protests and civil disobedience by clergy, labor, the Southwest Caravan to break the fear and the protests against the Sheriffs  by NDLON. Many people that saw them in the news caught on, however we noticed throughout they never once invited the people or the media to the May 1st March. We speculated this talking point could have doubled their crowd and doubled the coverage. Elemental.

Because we followed the organizing campaigns and the media coverage for two months in which this block captured 90% of the coverage; knowing most of the actors at play; scanned the assembly gathering from 9:30 AM to the starting time, and saw 300 people mushroom by the thousands; walked the 2.45 miles and throughout the route alternated appraising the march from head to toe, including, ID all the organized contingents and actually sizing the independents at the cry of “march,” when at least 2,000 of them bypassed the protocol line and the  leading huge American flag, and subsequently multiplied the protest. In fact, the deciding point of the route for our estimated count, was the corner of Wilshire and Hope where we had a panoramic view of the surging proud, angry and happy militant throngs.

The event was full of colorful signs and banners accompanied by 15 drummers, guitarists, Korean tamborines and the versatile Jornaleros del Norte singing revolutionary songs, corridos and yes cumbias and Salsa, which motivated dancing in all the beautiful enraged women who were the majority of the day. A reversal to the many marches called since Trump’s election in LA, the May Day  events were overwhelmingly Latino but also multiracial, but the tens of thousands of progressive white activists were missed. Moreover, the Latino Spanish chants were back along with their English counterparts.

“Unity Light”

The declared unity by the leaders of the coalitions just four days before May 1st in their only press conference, was  certainly a step in the right path. Their decision to hold several marches and then justify them as the best approach to generate support, appeared to us as “Unity Light”. Not surprising, the two coalitions on Broadway and Olympic scheduled to start at the same time, bucked horns over positioning, and predictably,  according to my long time friend Gloria Saucedo, the Full Rights Coalition led by Juan Jose Gutierrez, moved a diminutive quantity of marchers.

To add Kate Del Castillo’s Honor Tequila to the wound, Gloria’s busload of Hermandad Mexicana female members ended in the opposite coalition, that is, Juan’s march of 150 people and their sound truck in the back. So she gave the instructions to her Hermandad Adelitas, to move their people to the front demonstration which according to one observer I know, had “3k to 5k people”. The LA Times reported several thousand but LA Opinion, the TV networks and the LAPD saidhundreds.

Additionally, upon reaching First and Broadway we saw chaos. There was actually three separate stages, and of course the most professional was a high tech eight feet tall structure, with giant screens, and this was CHIRLA’s group. Incredibly the leaders were not able to reach a “mature welcome to City Hall agreement, where they could have embraced, raised their hands together and show the media, their marchers and the millions through the news that they had unified as we did before in 2008 and 2010”.

Interestingly, throughout their campaigns, organizers created huge march expectations for themselves and a part of the media stating publicly on at least two occasions, “there will be  hundreds of thousands and a big massive immigrant shutdown of the region”. However, humble reality is the granddaddy of all movements. Whether some of the leaders will take it at heart, time will soon tell.

The LAPD brass contentiously called the McArthur Pk. March at 15,000. What mathematical formula are they using to count large crowds? How is it that the cops numbers are never questioned? Why does the media swallow the police lie as if the President was speaking? LOL. Since 2006 we have had this controversy. In March 25, 2006 the cops called it at 500,000, but the majority of the news air reports were saying 1 to 2 million people. And, approximately 7 to 10 days after that event, LA’s KWHY Ch 22 published a study of the size of that march through air photos and a digital count and surprise surprise, their count totaled 1.7 million people which makes it the largest in the history of this country. The M25C knew two weeks before the 25th, we had 1 million, in fact all the rental buses in the state had been taken for the march. In 2010, at a meeting with them, I confronted their representative and he promised they would not get involved because it was their business. At the end of that May Day event, they said 60,000 and we 250,000. Trust me they are not born liars, it comes with the training, police culture and the “Blue Code”, no different than the Mafia’s Mano Negra. By now you must have caught on, this is why we counted with our own formula


In our humble experience, what we saw as the principal message of this process, is the fact the “the door to the elusive world of the real mega marches in the hundreds of thousands or millions, has once again made its appearance”.

The last time this type of juncture surfaced was on April 7, 2007, when Juan’s coalition, with the assistance of DJ El Mandril and La Que Buena Radio  Station, 40,000 marched on Broadway to stop deportations and Immigration Reform. Then on April 20 -with a four month march and boycott campaign as a background. – the M25C staged a 10 day hunger strike in front of the Altar to the Virgin of Guadalupe at the Parish of La Placita. On May 1, 100,000 people marched on Broadway accompanied by the 2nd Great American Boycott which modestly closed everything in sight of downtown. The LAPD though had other ideas for that day. They did all they all could to provoke an incident in our march, they failed so they waited for the afternoon march. You know the rest.

Unfortunately, during the programs of the Monday events, the general strike was forgotten as well as the 2007 anniversary of the police bloodshed on hundreds of immigrants and members of the media.

The May Day battle was won and the effects of the 2017 national marches will reverberate for weeks, however, the war continues against the neo fascists and the Republican Party, whom Noam Chomsky has called the most dangerous organization in the planet. We propose a two day national people’s summit in Los Angeles in the immediate future, to convene some of the best progressive organizing minds in the movement to firmly strategize, without the factional divisions, and plan the fight to build a permanent organic structural struggle for immigration reform and all related issues, such as universal health care. Hopefully if successful and any  funding comes through, a national headquarters in D.C. should be a must and regional statewide offices in every state of the Union. Trust us, we’re not going to be the first, there are already thousands of progressives, who shocked by the results of the November election, are now active in established and/or new found groups in the country, whose main goal is fighting the ultra right fascist billionaires and ousting their boy Trump. To start, a transparent organizing committee and or promoting commission should be convened and openly discuss the idea and allow it to fly. ZAZ

Javier Rodriguez is a media and political advisor and a co-founder and director of the M25Coalition 2006-2011. BAJOLAMIRADEJAVIERR@GMAIL.COM BLOG LARAYUELADEJAVIER.WORDPRESS.COM

Ruben Gonzalez, an immigrant from Cuernava, Mexico was a leading member of the M25Coalition 2006-2010; then moved to Las Vegas and became a leader there also on immigration and a successful proponent of medical services to 1,500 undocumented children with severe illnesses; and today is also a socially responsible businessman and a family man with three daughters studying for their upper level degrees in investigative medicine, dentistry and journalism.


*Caution, this press statement does not cover the rally programs before and after  the march. What we can name are the progressive star politicos and their articulate and progressive speeches such as Mayor Garcetti, Sen. Kevin de Leon, Councilman Gilbert Cedillo, Sup. Hilda Solis and Assembly candidate Maria Elena Durazo, she was full of fire.




  • An Open Conversation with Francisco Castro-Metro Editor at La Opinion

AMENDED By Javier Rodriguez 25 April 2017

Maestro Francisco, you were totally wrong when you published that superficial and subjective investigation against me, as leader of the March 25 Coalition in 2006. And yes, today, is not the same. Then you worked for the newspaper Hoy, owned by the Los Angeles Times, today for La Opinion, property of the right wing Argentinian conglomerate La Nacion, unfortunately, however your vision has stagnated. Your conception of the value of popular mobilizations and their traditional tactical kick offs for the 1st of May- Mega Marches, should be reported only at the end of their campaigns, in bunches, indicates a contemptuous lack of knowledge and sensitivity towards this phenomenon, a political weapon of the Immigrant Rights Movement, of all the social classes, the women and minority blocs that make up the 99%. And to justify it you lied.


Mega-marches in America and throughout the world are dialectically initiated, constructed and promoted. The initiators, who are those with the panoramic vision, the directors and organizers who implement that vision, plus the strategic building of coalitions and alliances, do so through political, organizational, media and financial strategies. Most important, ideally, they all collectively analyze the political momentum, the objective and subjective conditions and the correlation of forces at play, at each stage of the process.


In this era, the start or campaign kickoff, of necessity, carries a press conference. Of course, through this giant megaphone made up of TV Networks, Radio, the print media, news services and social networks, the leaders and media wonks  attempt to reach millions of citizens with their message, which in many occasions puts the population and sectors of power on alert.


For this year’s May 1st campaigns in L.A. and vicinity there are several in the making by a divided progressive web of organizations and leaders, including immigration reform. So far there have been several press conferences in all of California. A few to kick off the organizing and others to educate, motivate, agitate and mobilize the targeted sectors of the population.  With exceptions, all of them are convening “mega marches and a general strike or a boycott on May 1”. I can honestly say the majority did not transcend, except the one held about two months ago by a host Coalition of stated 56 organizations, headed by CHIRLA and labor. They summoned the media to introduce their message and their forces and announced their goal of a May 1st with thousands in the streets. The hope I have, is that, with a semi unified national movement and a truly growing momentum, the organizing could move many more in hundreds of cities across the country, similar to what we did in 2006 and what happened on January 21 with the new Women’s March against the Trump government. With the observation and condition that the unity of a majority of forces is vital.

I also emphasize that the vast majority of the potential participants will be those who strike, not just the marchers, especially in the eastern states. In the overall count in 2006 this was a major error primarily pushed by the police brass and the media executives, which focused much of the coverage on the marches. In fact, if you recall Francisco, in LA there were two mega marches on that May Day and a spectacular and tremendously successful Great American Boycott -a general strike. However, the political establishment, guided by Mayor Villaraigosa, Republicans Gov. Schwarzenegger and President George W. Bush, Cardinal Mahoney, the corporate media, with CHIRLA, the County Federation of Labor, SEIU, COFEM CARECEN, etc. in the streets, attempted to stop it, but they failed. We stopped 20 major industries and two hundred plus cities nationwide, including Los Angeles and New York.

Here, it is important to clarify that in your brief counterattack to the critical observation I sent you the day before, noting that no La Opinion reporter attended the press conference of the San Gabriel Valley Sanctuary Coalition where we announced “A Day of Resistance and the first ever May 1st Mega March and Economic Boycott in this region of LA”, chauvinistically you emphasized that, “La Opinion will cover the marches of the 1st of May only in the last days before the 1st”.

By that time however, specifically on Wednesday March 22, 2017, the Metro section of La Opinion that you lead, gave the CHIRLA led kickoff event, 2 ½ pages with sizable photos throughout the  pages, and highlighting the message better than bullet points. It was a good report. Essentially you gave that coalition 400,000 copies of the newspaper with everything including distribution. I would add one more point, the media event did not start or end on its own. The previous Sunday, March 19, national columnist Michael Myerson, published an extensive interview/column in the LA Times, of CHIRLA’s leader Angelica Salas. Also highlighted were the upcoming  call for this year’s May 1 March and  a surprising first for this block, “ a general strike consisting of No work, No School, No Sales, No Buying”. Additionally here, Angelica stated, “I hope to repeat the feats of 2006,” referring to the Immigrant Spring 2006”, with millions on the streets. Additionally, on March 26, in the editorial section of La Opinion, our friend Henrik Rhebinder followed up/remato with  an editorial supporting a strong and well-coordinated event on the 1st. Francisco, compulsively like President Trump, you lied.

With the amount of Latino and American media – including La Opinion, who attended that press event, I estimate that one to two million people listened, read and watched the call for TV and Cable, radio and social networks. Why? I believe the press speculated this was the next round of big protests was maybe coming against Trump and his ultra-right-wing administration. That is before the large earth day and Science Day and other national street mobilizations entered the scene.   The New Social Makeup of the Street Movements since the Election of the Neo-Fascist In Southern CA this May 1st it won’t be just Latinos and immigrants marching or striking, there will also be great waves of Anglo activists and other ethnicities as seen in L.A. after Trump’s election. Brace yourselves, they maybe a majority on the streets and they are more militant. Allow me to explicate.  After the election, enrage took center stage in the main cities of America, including L.A. For two weeks straight there were daily evening take overs and blockage of downtown streets and the freeways nearby, with minimal rioting. The LAPD and Highway Patrol were on full alert and zealously parked by the dozens inside the freeways and streets. Probably close to 1,500 youth were arrested, but you didn’t see any of the local immigration leaders in sight.  Union del Barrio, one of the grass roots organizations in L.A. and co-founder of the SoCal Immigration Coalition, captured the moment and called for a march on the first or second Saturday apparently allied with white youth leaders of that rising movement. The event began at McArthur Park. And ended at the Federal Building.  I caught up with many white and Latino youth on Alvarado St. walking south towards the assembly point. Trust me 80% were white. Then I waited on Wilshire three blocks west of the 110 Fry. North for the parade to arrive and sure enough, again I estimated an 80% plus white crowd from wall to wall. The cops at that corner attempted to block the marchers and guide them south, I assume to follow the agreed permit route.  Not surprising however, the protesters walked right through the police and their motorcycles. With the disciplined white leaders urging on, the crowd followed suit and continued. There was no police violent confrontation. The blues were taken aback and moved to point B to set up at the next intersection. Then I spotted Ron Gochez and a band of Latino youth followers with a large tall banner, running to the front where again, the cops were waiting. Incredibly, but not surprising, the Union del Barrio leader ironically joined the police, in an attempt to get the march back on track. Again, the people, including Latinos and blacks and a couple of families, ran through them and the police, and from there on until the end at the Federal Building, there were several unauthorized curves joyfully violated. Weirdly this reveals Gochez is a law and order man at heart. To emphasize, since Trump’s election the protests have had a huge bloc of white activists and lesser entrants from other ethnic groups and by far this was the case for the Jan 21 women’s march. To be more incisive, from November 2016 to the present in the marches seen in LA, the waves of whole families and the youth that in the past carpeted the streets of downtown Broadway from Olympic to City Hall/Pershing Square/McArthur Pk. to the Federal Buildings, were replaced by a majority of White youth and middle age citizens. If you walked in any of those marches you observed that the shouts of slogans in Spanish were isolated acts that did not resonate. In this intense media era, the online press, social media, and local and national Latino media have far surpassed their power of reach and influence among the 57 million Latino population but at this moment, el miedo/fear is the word in the community. The participation of La Opinion has always been valuable and historical, although today, with exceptions, the very limited staff do their work by telephone and at home, losing important personal contact to identify the feeling among the masses. Also with La Opinion’s change to a tabloid format and the cutbacks, we have lost a whole generation of experienced sympathetic social conscious and immigrant journalists to marginalization.  All this being said Francisco, I think that your position must be examined to reflect a better understanding of  how the street political movement- who some are totally independent with no pay, some function with foundation and Democratic Party funds and command a large  staff; others are staff labor organizers and representatives and rank and filers- which at certain stages, we all have achieved local or national unity and thus has been able to enter and influence the local and national conversation, as was done in the Immigrant Spring with a media strategy that I designed and directed and reached important goals like: momentarily defeating the ultra-right and their pestilent xenophobia and effectively placed the big prize, “immigration reform in the national conversation with two bills on the table in 2006 and 2007; more important, the monumental marches and the Great American Boycotts ensured dignity and respect from the American people, the media, the political and economic powers in America and the world; the same thing with other insurgent leaders in the 2010 defeat of Arizona’s SB2010.  Today in this 2017 campaign, I can point to the one characteristic we all have is that, with exceptions, the political media strategies are geared to wrest from the monstrous   global capitalist corporations, “social responsibility and free media coverage,” because like the neo-fascist Trump, we also sell news and make them a lot of money. So he  was not the first.   Back to the Kick OffsThe kick offs are important tactical starting points in many sectors and industries such as marketing in private industry, sports, universities, government and election campaigns, particularly the last presidential campaign between Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The latter captured the attention of the media and the extreme right of the country and the world for its savage attack on Mexico, Mexicans and immigrants, accusing them of rapists, criminals and Narco traffickers and the building of a wall on the border. The kick off was a resounding success that Trump managed to repeat hundreds of times, at the close of his campaign and even today. Bro, do you also say that this presidential campaign “should have been given media coverage only at the end?”. If by now you have read our press releases, do you think the San Gabriel Valley Sanctuary Coalition deserves an extensive report in La Opinion as the favorites? Finally, I want to briefly address the issue that the entire press never addresses and that most of the leaders and organizations inside the Immigration Reform Movement avoid like the plague: THE POLITICAL DIVISIONS.  It is imperative that after May 1, the Latino and/or English media, develop a serious and objective investigation, that is, without the journalistic sectarianism that I have observed, and draw conclusions to understand this cancer that has existed since I have political memory. I began to detect it since the Amnesty victory of 1986 in which I also directed the street mass events; again in the battle against Prop. 187 in 1993-94; and the worst in 2009, when Obama had just taken office. Then, on behalf of the March 25 Coalition we knocked on every door and meetings, calling for a unified massive event to place the new president against the wall and wrest the promised reform. Of all the opportunities since 2006, this was the best moment.  However, our illustrious chieftains and usual suspects, several who had marched with us the previous years, feeling rehabilitated, instead of defying the cancer and creating an unstoppable force to meet the historical challenge of the time, “they opted to stage seven comical, diminutive demonstrations, averaging 2,000 people each”. So the President, fully advised by his then Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, now Chicago Mayor, easily placed immigration reform in the back burner for four more years, until his second term and here we are.  Have you Francisco Castro, La Opinion, the media, Jorge’s Al Punto, Radio Pacifica, etc., ever researched, analyzed or discussed these facts and point of view objectively.  Today, with the neo-fascist American government in power, it is crystal clear the leadership is on the same path of defeat unless there is a 180 degree shift in direction. It can be done. We did it in 2010 after a major betrayal in the first two weeks of the May 1st Campaign against SB1070, by CHIRLA, the County Labor Federation, SEIU, the Full Rights Coalition and Hermandad Mexicanas. We broke them and with only two weeks left, we staged a ¼ million march and with many similar events nationally, the infamous bill was defeated.        The principal, but partial questions are: what are the Political and ideological differences of these organizations; the personal; the egos of the leaders; the jealousy; are there secret or open funds to sustain the divisions; which are the games of power before and during the mobilizations; how do certain leaders try to control the exchanges and conversation?; Who are the favorites at Univision, Telemundo, La Opinion and the rest of the media, who then skews the judgment and objectivity of the journalists and the coverage against this movement in general.  Having said all this, to me, it’s highly questionable that we have seldom seen the Latino members of the Spanish or English press marching and protesting with us, or for that matter, respect the call to not work on May Day as is done all over the world, Mexico included. ZAZ

Javier Rodriguez is a media and political strategist and co-founded and directed the March 25 Coalition 2006-2011


San Gabriel valley Sanctuary Coalition

Javier Rodriguez blog  1-323-768-5328

La Primera Gran Marcha del 1ro Mayo 2017 en el Valle San Gabriel-L.A. y

Carta a Marta Samano  13 Abril 2017

Hola Marta, lo que El Periodico Sin Fronteras te está pidiendo compañera, es que tu escribas el artículo. Te dan todo para que entiendas e intérpretes sus instrucciones y  eso incluye el contenido que ellos buscan y te ofrecen 2 cuartillas = 400 palabras. Me imagino que en el avión a Michoacán ya llegaste a algunas conclusiones panorámicas de la columna por escribir y sobre algunos detalles de tu partida de vacaciones. Yo estimo que el artículo te va a llevar entre diez a veinte horas, más los tiempos de investigación y la lucha interna EN TU MENTE que SIEMPRE SURGE donde quiera que estés, digamos “dentro del momentum político en California, el país o la crisis que se vive mundialmente”.

Pero, que no cunda el pánico. Decidiste irte de vacaciones a México por 5 1/2 semanas, y esto, en el momento más crítico de la campana del 1ro de Mayo en el Valle de San Gabriel. Traducido el tiempo, estas semanas suman 1,008 horas y a la coalición le quedan 16 días de trabajo intenso.


A tod@s en la Coalición SGV voy a contarles una de las miles de historias de la Revolución Angelina que vivimos dentro de la década del 2006 al presente. Está en particular se dio durante la campaña para derrotar la infame Ley AB 1070, que la extrema derecha de Arizona logro coronar con la firma de la Gobernadora Brewer en el 2010. Inequivocadamente, ante tamaño desafío, el pueblo Latino Migrante y sus aliados en la América humanitaria y progresista, se levantaron en armas.

  • El 21 de Marzo 2010, entre 100,000 a 200,000 protestamos en el Mall-Explanada de Washington D.C., exigiendo la esperada reforma migratoria. La marcha y el rally conto con 100 oradores y testimonios y también con el Pres. Obama. Todo fue televisado en vivo a través de gigantes pantallas, y nacionalmente, ante millones en la cadenas, CSPAN, las Latinas, etc. Fue esa  misma noche que se logró la victoria de la Reforma Sanitaria “Obama Care/ACA”.
  • En Los Angeles ya estaba una Coalición -de las que van y vienen cada 1ro de Mayo desde el 2006 en Los Angeles- funcionando y compuesta por la Federación Laboral, CHIRLA, MIWON, Labor’s Union SoCal, Full Rights Coalition, SoCal-IC, dos de las siempre divididas Hermandades Mexicanas y La Coalicion 25 Marzo, cual yo representaba, y otras más.
  • Yo soy uno de los que en este movimiento he insistido por años en la “unidad permanente del movimiento por la reforma migratoria en Los Angeles”. Inspirado por las mencionadas victorias del 21 Marzo, días después ya en Los Angeles, me reuní con Angélica Salas, Directora de CHIRLA. El motivo, plantearle la necesidad de cerrar filas ante cualquier movimiento conservador dentro de la Coalicion en Los Angeles, que quisiera dividirla y expulsar el ala más progresista de sus filas. Estuvimos de acuerdo, prometimos lo casi imposible por mantener y afianzar la unidad. De despedida para sellar como se debe, nos abrazamos.  
  • En esa Coalición, yo, junto con Jorge Mario Cabrera de CHIRLA y otros, participábamos en el difícil, pero importante Comité de Comunicaciones y Medios. De hecho, colectivamente el Comité ya había fijado la también súper importante primera Conferencia de Prensa, the Kick Off / el despegue de la gran marcha. En ese proceso de armar el “Press Release” estábamos con varios borradores/first drafts en las computadoras y volando en-linea, cuando repentinamente, Jorge nos escribe a los 10 miembros del Comité, que “por órdenes superiores se parara todo, porque algo está sucediendo.” Nerviosamente el hijo de El Pulgarcito de América, que es también uno de los favoritos de los medios Latinos, escuetamente término, “me comunico individualmente más tarde con todos los comunicadores”.
  • Para todos los que no sabían del golpe de estado mediático en La Capital del Inmigrante, las horas pasaron y la llamada de Cabrera o de Angélica Salas nunca llego. Si recuerdo bien, al día siguiente sonó la Campana del Palco de los Reyes Democráticos y bingo, como una docena de líderes y activistas miembros de la Coalicion,* tuvieron una tristemente organizada conferencia de prensa anunciando que “democráticamente convocamos al pueblo a la gran marcha del día del trabajo”. Carajo, esto fue después de la promesa de Angélica. Entre risas y coraje se supo que el evento de l@s demócratas no había trascendido. Al fiasco mediático solo dos reporteros y/o camarógrafos asistieron. Lógicamente no invitaron a los mugrosos y revoltosos progresistas de las coaliciones SoCal Inmigración Coalition y la C25Marzo.
  • La crisis causada por los “facciosos moderados” causo estragos, casi parando el trabajo de la Gran Marcha.  Finalmente, con 14 días hacia el 1ro de Mayo, logramos un acuerdo de un solo Evento de Prensa y una sola marcha unida. Allí, clarifique a la prensa y la comunidad que el conflicto se había resuelto y  el 1ro Mayo se había salvado con el dialogo y la unidad a comillas y por lo tanto tendríamos una sola marcha. Ya unidos en esas dos semanas sin conflicto, logramos la confianza de la gente, los medios y una movilización de 250,000 personas, ¼ millón, en Los Angeles para derrotar la SB 1070. Fue una contundente victoria contra la Política Bi-Polar y de división que se practica entre los líderes hasta hoy.  
  • Para aquellos los dirigentes que se opusieron al golpe mediático y para nosotros del 2017, La Moraleja de la Historia es y sigue siendo: En la lucha y en un movimiento político progresista la unidad es mil veces más fuerte y perdurable sobre la división política. En el 2009 se organizaron 7 marchas en el Centro de L.A. por los mismos y nuevos actores de hoy. Es muy similar al presente. A dos semanas de este 1ro Mayo, hay 5 o más marchas registradas en el Condado de Los Angeles. El movimiento necesita dialogar, debe dialogar seriamente porque si no, corremos el peligro de hacer el ridículo con diminutivas marchas como en el 2009 y un boycott desorganizado como acuso Henrik Rhebinder en La Opinión hace unas semanas.  Para esto es imperativo entrar a la discusión con el pueblo primero en la mente y no con el ridículo cuento de “a ver que saco para mi molino”. Adicionalmente e igual de importante es lo que plantee recientemente: la prensa, ante esta realidad, los periodistas, reporteros u analistas tienen que entrarle con visión, profundidad y compromiso en esta coyuntura y exigir la unidad de todos en la región para así sacar una sola marcha que fácilmente sea de 1 millón y no chingaderas.
  • Las coaliciones y líderes que yo observo en el tablero son las siguientes:
  1. Marcha Boyle Heights: Freedom Road Socialist-C.S.O. liderada por Carlos Montes “El Cara de Pollo” y Sol Márquez. No Tienen Coalicion. Su base es joven y se esperan de 100 a 200 en la Cesar Chavez Ave. a la Plaza Mariachi.
  2. CA Latino Congreso; Organiza Huelga General y Marcha de 1 Millón. Su volante lista 8 organizaciones que incluye a Freedom Road y a Union del Barrio pero esta renuncio hace semanas, quitándole cualquier posibilidad y semblanza al Congreso de aparentar ser una Coalicion real con una base de miles. El dirigente es Nativo López, de antecedentes muy cuestionables en Los Angeles y a nivel nacional. Si recuerdan en el mismo 2010 y dentro la campana contra la SB 1070 entro a dividir más al movimiento con el cuento Evangélico de boicotear el Censo. También  asesor cercano de Con. Gilbert Cedillo y socio de Antonio González. Para las marchas del pasado 20 de Enero contra Trump, López sin ninguna explicación pública no llego a su propia marcha. El Congreso y González, aunque se aprovechó del mega momento del 2006, nunca ha organizado por su cuenta ninguna mega marcha aquí o en San Antonio.
  3. Full Rights Coalition: encabezada por Juan Jose Gutiérrez y Raúl Murillo, en los últimos anos su participación en las Marchas del 1ro Mayo y su última del 20 de Enero, este grupo ha reducido su influencia por un 95% entre organizaciones Centroamericanas, la iglesia y los sindicatos. De miles, hoy su base se redujo a un promedio de 100 a 150 personas por evento. Aunque Univisión Nacional y La Opinión los siguen sosteniendo, las divisiones y su estilo manipulador y oportunista de trabajo les ha cobrado la factura. Además la guerra entre este contra los dirigentes de Union del Barrio y el hoy Congreso Latino es a muerte.
  4. Coalicion 1ro de Mayo encabezada por CHIRLA, L.A. County Federatión of Labor, IDESPCA y 50 organizaciones más. Esta Coalicion tuvo su debut a principios de Marzo 2017 y la cobertura fue sensacional situándolos como punteros a tal grado que después de ser blanco de una crítica mía -hacia el no a CHIRLA- el editor Francisco Castro remato con otra página entera, relegando a la Coalicion del Valle de San Gabriel a 35 palabras de cobertura. CHIRLA, Angélica y Jorge Mario son considerados la fuerza angelina principal ante los medios, la clase política local y estatal, las fundaciones, y lógico ante el pueblo por la cantidad de luchas que han encabezado a través de los anos.

Como ya se empieza ha comentar en las noticias, se esta desarrollando la primera mega marcha en la historia del Valle de San Gabriel que una a este  primer evento callejero de 1,000, 10,000, 50,000 o 100,000 activistas. Lograr esto es mil veces más difícil, que el artículo.

Para la reunión de hoy se discutirá un presupuesto de unos $10k a $15k para cubrir varios gastos,  como son la propaganda; 50,000 volantes, y 2,500 posters; La Manta de La Coalición con sus demandas; Rentar el Sonido $1,000; la compra de los anuncios en La Opinión con 2 páginas enteras con costo de non profit sale a $750×2; Para estos trabajos se necesita contratar diseñadores gráficos profesionales. Tambien tendremos que entrar en la radio y ojala tengamos el apoyo de Latino-Mex Radio donde chambea el locutor y miembro de la Coalición Leo Muncie y también donde El Famoso CuCuy es su locutor Estrella. Las 2 conferencias de prensa programadas para antes de 1ro Mayo: una en el Edificio Federal en el Centro de L.A.

Sabemos que nuestros lideres y la coalicion tiene mucho apoyo dentro del estudiantado en las Preparatorias/High School y Middle School. La decisión de decidir que el punto del comienzo de la marcha sea afuera de Basset High School a las 11:00 AM fue vital; Además, acabamos de lograr que el Distrito Escolar Hacienda, City of industry y La Puente y La Ciudad se convirtieran en Santuarios para aproximadamente 200,000 Mil Inmigrantes del Valle SG. Esta factura ahora se cobra con el apoyo a La Gran Marcha  de los Políticos y los Consejos Municipales.

De Hecho ya se cuenta con el apoyo activo de La Supervisora  Hilda Solís, que goza  en ser la líder Latina electa más popular en Los Angeles.

También, nos apoya la Cantante Progresista Margarita Luna “de lunerias,” que cantara durante el Programa.


Marta Cuando termines el primer borrador de tu articulo me lo envias y lo edito y te lo regreso después y  lo enviare a unos 10,000 activistas Sociales, lideres, Abogados, ZAZ,  Javier Rodriguez

Me despido con la frase universal de la lucha:

Hay Hombres y Mujeres que Luchan un dia.

Y son buenas. Hay otras que luchanunos anos y son mejores,

Hay otr@s que luchan toda la vida,  esas son las imprecindibles.  

ZAZ COMMUNICATIONS blog 323-768-5328


El papel de los Despegues Mediáticos de las Mega Marchas del 1ro Mayo 2017 y las Mentiras de los Medios

Conversación Abierta con Francisco Castro Editor Metro La Opinión

Por Javier Rodriguez 5 Abril 2017

Maestro Francisco, con aquella investigación superficial y subjetiva contra mí como líder de la Coalición 25 Marzo en el 2006 estuviste equivocado. Y si, hoy no es lo mismo, entonces trabajabas para periódico Hoy, propiedad de Los Angeles Times, hoy para La Opinión, desafortunadamente te antojas peor. Tu concepción del valor de las movilizaciones populares y sus despegues de campana -como este 1ro de Mayo- se deben reportar en los medios solo al final de las campanas, indica una desdeñosa carencia de conocimiento y sensibilidad hacia este fenómeno que es un arma política de los pueblos inmigrantes, del resto de las clases sociales, las mujeres y bloques de minorías que componen el 99%. Y para justificarte mentiste.

Las mega marchas en América y en todo el mundo se inician, se construyen y se promueven dialécticamente. Los iniciadores, que son los de la visión panorámica, los directores y organizadores que implementan esa visión, más el plan de armar las coaliciones y las alianzas, lo hacen a través de estrategias  políticas, organizativas, mediáticas y financieras. Y todos en conjunto calibran the momentum/, el momento político, el nivel del ambiente, las condiciones objetivas y subjetivas y la correlación de fuerzas en juego en cada etapa del proceso.

El inicio o despegues de campanas, por necesidad conllevan las conferencias de prensa. Lógico, con ese gigante megáfono compuesto de canales de TV, Radio, la prensa escrita, servicios noticieros y las redes sociales, intentan llegarle a millones de ciudadanos con su mensaje colectivo que pone en alerta a la población y sectores de poder.  

Te refiero a las dos únicas conferencias de prensa -antes de la nuestra- que han sido organizadas para la presente campaña del 1ro de Mayo en Los Angeles. El primer despegue mediático fue convocado hace mes y medio por el Congreso Latino y aproximadamente dos decenas de organizaciones bajo su carpa. Anunciaron la marcha y una huelga general el 1ro de Mayo, pero desafortunadamente no trascendió.

La segunda conferencia de prensa fue convocada por una Coalición de 56 organizaciones, encabezada por CHIRLA. Esta, como la otra, convoco a los medios para   presentarles  a ellos y a la comunidad su kick off/el despegue de su campana y las fuerzas con que cuenta para llegar a la meta del 1ro de Mayo con cientos de miles en las calles, junto también con otro paro general de 24 horas. Este, se espera se encienda aquí y a nivel nacional y pide el no trabajar, no escuela, no compras y ventas. De hecho yo espero que con el momentum habido y por elevar, un movimiento unido de las coaliciones, tiene el potencial de mover millones en cientos de ciudades del país, similar a lo que hicimos en 2006 y lo que sucedió el 21 de Enero con la novedosa Marcha de las Mujeres Contra Trump. Con la observación y condición que la unidad de todos los grupos es vital. Hago hincapié que la gran mayoría de los participantes no son los que marchan, más bien serán los que participen en el paro general. Para reiterar, como en 2006 cuando paramos 20 industrias y un ciento de ciudades a nivel nacional, incluso Los Angeles.

Aquí es importante clarificar que en tu escueto contraataque a la observación critica que te envié un día antes, señalándote que ningún reportero de La Opinión asistió a la conferencia de prensa de La Coalición Santuario del Valle de San Gabriel para anunciar Un Día de Resistencia con La Primera Marcha y Boicot Económico del 1ro de Mayo en esta región, enfatizaste que La Opinión “cubrirá las marchas del 1ro Mayo solamente en los últimos días antes del 1ro”. Sin embargo el Jueves 23, 2017, la sección Metro de La Opinión que tu diriges, le otorgo a ese evento 2 ½ páginas con todo y enormes fotos en la primera plana, reluciendo el paro, la marcha y el mensaje. O sea les dieron a esa coalición 400,000 copias del periódico con todo y distribución. Adhiero un punto más, el evento mediático de CHIRLA no empezó ni acabo por sí solo. El Domingo 19 Marzo, el columnista nacional Michael Myerson público en el LA Times senda columna citando extensivamente a la dirigente Angélica Salas de CHIRLA, anunciando el 1ro de Mayo, el paro económico, y que ella espera repetir las hazañas de la Primavera de Inmigrantes del 2006, con millones en las calles. Adicionalmente, el 26 de Marzo, en la sección editorial, nuestro amigo Henrik Rhebinder público un excelente editorial apoyando el 1ro y abogo por una sola marcha unida y bien coordinada.  Francisco, compulsivamente como el Presidente Trump, mentiste. Con la cantidad de medios Latinos y Americanos –incluso La Opinión, que asistieron a ese evento de prensa, yo estimo que de uno a dos millones escucharon, leyeron y vieron el llamado por la TV y Cable, la radio y las redes sociales. Porque? La prensa sabe que se viene la nueva ronda de grandes protestas contra Trump y su administración ultra derechista. Además, que este 1ro de Mayo, no solo van a ser Latinos e inmigrantes, también van a ser grandes olas de activistas anglos y otras etnias como se ha visto ya desde el triunfo de Trump.

Para recalcar las protestas desde la elección de Trump, han tenido mayoritariamente un bloque enorme de activistas blancos y con menores entradas de las otras etnias. Para ser más incisivo, de Noviembre 2016 hasta el presente en las marchas vistas en L.A. todavía no salen las olas de familias enteras y la juventud que en el pasado carpeteaban las calles del centro hasta la Exposition Boulevard –Broadway, Hill, Main, Wilshire- como el 25  de Marzo, 10 y 15 Abril y 1ro de Mayo, etc. Si caminaste  en cualquiera de esas marchas observaste que los gritos de consignas en español eran actos aislados que no resonaban.   

En esta era altamente mediática, la prensa escrita, en línea, las redes sociales, la electrónica, y los medios Latinos locales y nacionales han superado por creces su potencia de alcance e influencia entre los 57 millones de población Latina. La   participación de La Opinión siempre ha sido valiosa e historica, aunque hoy, con excepciones, el personal hace su trabajo por teléfono y en casa, perdiéndose el importante contacto personal para identificar el feeling entre las masas.

Yo pienso que tu posición debe ser examinada para que refleje más entendimiento de como el movimiento político callejero, siempre con pocos fondos, en ciertas etapas ha logrado la unidad aquí en la nación y así ha podido entrar e influir en la conversación local y nacional, incluso en Washington D.C., como se hizo en la Primavera Inmigrante con una estrategia mediática que yo diseñe y dirigí. Lo mismo se dio en el 2007, 2008, y el 2010.  Lo mismo se puede decir de la reciente gigante manifestación de millones de mujeres encabezada 99% por ellas el pasado 21 Enero.

Los despegues de campanas son puntos de partida importantes en muchos de los ramos como el mercadeo en la industria privada, los deportes, universidades, gobiernos y las campañas electorales, particularmente la última campaña presidencial entre Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton y Donald Trump. Esta última  capto la atención de los medios y la extrema derecha del país y el mundo por su salvaje ataque a México, a los mexicanos e inmigrantes, acusándolos de violadores, criminales y narcos traficantes y el Muro en la frontera. El kick off fue un éxito contundente que Trump manejo cientos de veces,  en el cierre de su campana y hasta hoy. Dirías también que a esa campaña presidencial se le daría una cobertura solo al final.

Si ya leíste el comunicado de prensa nuestro, crees que merezca un reporte extenso sobre la Coalición Santuario del Valle de San Gabriel. El Press Release que envié, te da todas las bases y contactos históricos para un reportaje objetivo y veraz. Es más, te invito a la siguiente asamblea del Martes 4 Abril en la Biblioteca Municipal de La Puente. 

Por último, deseo brevemente dirigirme al tema que toda la prensa Angelina no toca y que la mayoría de los líderes y  organizaciones del Movimiento de la Reforma Migratoria, le corren como la plaga, LA DIVISION.  Es imperativo que antes del 1ro de Mayo los medios Latinos y de inglés desarrollen una investigación seria de fondo y objetiva, sin el sectarismo periodístico que yo he observado por años y que saquen conclusiones para entender este cáncer que existe desde que yo tengo memoria política. La comencé a detectar desde la victoria de la Amnistía de 1986, que también yo dirigí, la batalla contra la Prop. 187 en 1993-94 y la peor de todas por sus consecuencias dañinas en el 2009. Las preguntas principales varean: Cuales son las diferencias políticas e ideológicas de estas organizaciones,  las personales, los egos de los lideres, los celos, hay dinero de por medio que sostiene las divisiones, cuales son los juegos de poder antes y durante las movilizaciones, porque unos lideres intentan controlar las trocas del sonido, a quien favorece Univisión, Telemundo, La Opinión y el resto de medios, que prejuicios de juicio opacan  la cobertura y objetividad de los periodistas en contra del movimiento en general, porque nunca hemos visto que los miembros de la prensa salgan en contingentes a marchar y protestar con nosotros, o que respeten las convocatorias a no trabajar como este siguiente 1ro de Mayo? ZAZ

NEWSBREAK La Opinión público ayer una reseña de reportaje sobre las marchas en Los Angeles, intentando así, esquivar la crítica de favoritismo en sus reportajes, inclinándose pesadamente hacia uno de los bloques del movimiento por la reforma de inmigración. El reportaje concluye en más de lo mismo, con la excepción que insertan a La Coalición de Plenos Derechos de Juan Jose Gutierrez “El NAFTA” y Raul Murillo de Hermandad Mexicana Nacional, otros favoritos de La Opinion y UNIVISION. Entre estos y Angelica Salas, del mismo sector, se llevan el 97% de tres cuartillas y al ultimo le dedican unas 20 palabras a la Coalicion Santuario del Valle San Gabriel, ZAZ

*Javier Rodriguez is a journalist, a blogger and a media and political strategist. A long time social activist, he is presently a founding member of the San Gabriel Valley Sanctuary Coalition; he co-founded and directed the March 25 Coalition in Los Angeles in 2006; Initiated and directed the making of the 1.7 million historical immigration march in Los Angeles on March 25, 2006, as well as the May 1st 2006 Great American Boycott; Co founded the LA Millions of Voices Coalition that on Sept. 22, 2013 organized one of the largest marches nationally for Immigration Reform; Back in 1982-86, he directed the mass street mobilizations in LA that led up to the Amnesty Law IRCA of 1986; he also founded the Committee to Rescue La Casa del Mexicano;

A journalist, he traveled for 5 ½ months throughout Mexico in 2012, observing and writing about the country’s political process, the aftermath of a highly questioned presidential election, visited several war zones including Torreon and Piedras Negras, Coahuila, one of Mexico’s 10 most violent regions where part of his family lives, as well as the State of Tabasco at the border with Guatemala, where Central American migrants catch the train known as the “La Bestia-The Beast.” Between 1987 and 1996, his son Jesus, his nephew Jaramillo and his brother Jesus all fell victim to LA’s perpetual neighborhood violence. His blog is; email

Contacts: Marta Samano Gilda Ochoa Manuel Maldonado

AMENDED 14 March 2017


Hola a tod@s-to All  members of the Puente Sanctuary Coalition……

I am certain you are aware of the arrest of a undocumented father taking his daughter to Vanguard Charter School in Lincoln Heights, next door to Boyle Hts where I live. Along with a similar and violent arrest in South L.A., the story went national, and created an uproar because the mega tragic drama taped and narrated by the daughters, in tears, and placed on the social networks and international news. What I am writing you for is the fact that, several organizations and clergy, held a protest today in front of the federal jail in downtown L.A., along with the daughter, highly articulate, and her high school friends. She dramatized it perfectly and it was again covered by a big show of media. This is the point. I did not recognize any one the usual suspect movement leaders/orgs and about 2/3 of the people were white, including the young spokesman, and a combination of youth and elders.

The Puente Sanctuary Coalition is very similar, made up of primarily new entries into the formal immigration reform battles and the issue that brought us together is of central concern and unitary to many. It has been very successful so far to the point of forcing Sanctuary from local governments and School Boards. It is gaining recognition and trust from the general community and circles of influence, Attornyes, teachers, politicians and serves as a fighting model to imitate. However, we have yet to engage in defending an arrested ICE victim and family from the violent tactical arrests taking place. You can be sure it will happen and it will become a 24/7 Coalition task to wrest the neighbors from the claws of the largest police army in the U.S., ICE.

An added point is the fact that these arrests are the ICE and Homeland Security follow up moves to the recent national raids in homes, streets, jails, courts to further penetrate our neighborhoods and schools to terrorize, intimidate and create the widespread fear into a national mind set of panic in the 11.4 million undocumented.   To reiterate, we have yet to make a general call to all the people of the San Gabriel Valley to take the streets and protest in marches by the dozens, hundreds or thousands. Additionally, we have yet to enter the public scene with an effective press event at the L.A. Federal Building and tell the media and the County of L.A. who we are. Trust me, the new generation, CHIRLA, las Hermandades Mexicanas, the Latino Congreso, etc., will come to show their solidarity.

Whoever doesn’t come to lend their support is still stuck in the canine territorial and “solo llevo agua a mi molino” factional and sectarian divide. At the same, time we can announce our support for May 1st to massively and organizationally unify and strengthen the fightback against Homeland Security and the Trump Administration in defense of the people. Lastly, call for a unified struggle which as several of you have commented, it will be a stronger message to all America, the allies and the government, much like the Women’s March which mobilized an estimated 3 million in the U.S and internationally more in 30 other countries.

The last plea to TRUST ME again is to recall that of the  ¾ million Women that marched  on that same day, it can be speculated that 10% of the I million population of San Gabriel Valley may have participated, and today, they are probably waiting for the  Coalition’s to bring the fightback to their territory, your community, and for this a magical website is desperately wanted.

The Puente Coalition unequivocally has already proven itself and it has the needed infrastructure to socially embrace the SG Valley women marchers of Jan 21. You have nothing to lose and tens of thousands of people to win. ZAZ

Javier Rodriguez bajolamiradejavierr@gmail.comn blog 323-768-5328


ZAZ COMMUNICATIONS   Cell 323-768-5328


St. Valentine Day Massacre -on Friendship- at Goodwill Corporate Hqts. by Irrational and Fixated White CEO, Adrineh Terantonians.







Goodwill SoCal Corporation is located in the Lincoln Heights Community in Los Angeles and is part of Council District 2, operated by Councilman Gilbert Cedillo. It has a perceived white Anglo Saxon majority Executive Board and higher brass which comes down from its 4th floor quarters once a year to serve the native employees a Thanksgiving dinner.

It was founded in 1902 in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S., one of the bedrocks of today’s violent religious practices. A global nonprofit, Goodwill operates as a network of 164 independent, community-based organizations in South Korea, Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico, Panama, Uruguay, the United States, Canada, and 8 other countries and presently has a generated revenue of $5.59 billion. In 2015, the group served more than 37 million people, with a reported 312,000 people placed into employment.

Jim Gibbons is the national corporate President & CEO and is blind.

Javier Rodriguez is asking all Goodwill employees, the general community and the media for help to end the archaic conservative mentality that breeds discrimination at the Corporate Goodwill SoCal Offices and demand he be reinstated.

Please call or write to: Executive Board Corporate Offices 342 N San Fernando Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90031 (323) 224-8645 and email CEO Adrineh Trentonians at  call 323-480-0109. Please send any donations to sustain the campaign to: Chase Bank #2933297551 R/322271627 or write check to Javier Rodriguez 114 N. Breed St #111 L.A. 90033

PROFILE*Javier Rodriguez is a journalist, blogger, and media and political strategist for grass roots movements. A long time L.A. social activist and Mexican immigrant, has for decades dedicated his life to defending and empowering Latinos, immigrants, women and workers.

He was the initiator, designed and directed the media and political strategy in the making of the 1.7 million, digitally counted, historical immigration rights march in Los Angeles and 75 cities on March 25, 2006 against HR4437 Sensenbrenner Bill. A week later Congress immediately threw the House Bill into the trash bin of history.

As a cofounder of the March 25 Coalition, he also directed a national street event called the “May 1st 2006 Great American Boycott”, which besides mobilizing more mega marches in the millions in 200 cities from coast to coast-L.A. to New York, the boycott, a community general strike, which paralyzed 20 industries nationally, including: agriculture in California and Florida and the Los Angeles Port delaying food and goods distribution for days; public transportation, nanny trains and a million homeworkers, taxis, trucking, construction, landscaping, restaurant industry, thousands of businesses closed, an estimated 275,000 students waked out in dozens- school districts and hundreds of Latino quarters refused to buy nationally.

On May 3rd, Congress responded with the Hagel-Martinez Immigration Reform Bill to embrace the undocumented.

Back in 1982-86, he also co-planned and directed the mass street mobilizations in LA that led up to the Immigration Reform and Amnesty Law IRCA of 1986, legalizing 3 million undocumented immigrants.

A journalist, he traveled for 5 ½ months throughout Mexico in 2012, observing and writing about the country’s political process, the aftermath of a highly questioned presidential election which installed President Enrique Pena Nieto, a pro-business and closet ally of the anti-Mexican xenophobe and misogynist Pres. Donald Trump; he also witnessed and reported on Cartel and Government Armed shootings and killings from several war zones, as well as the State of Tabasco at the border with Guatemala, where the Central American migrants catch the train known as “La Bestia-The Beast.”

Between 1987 and 1996, his son Chuy Jesus, his nephew Jaramillo and his brother Jesus all fell victim to L.A.’s contemporary neighborhood violence. His blog has 135 articles written since 2012, email 




by Javier Rodriguez 18 Jan 2017

On January 20th, the bombastic anti Mexican and neo fascist strong man Donald Trump will be crowned and seated in the most powerful imperial chair in the world. With the aid of an ultra conservative billionaire transition team, he has formed his cabinet of billionaire hyenas, an Exxon Oil man and military men.

Last week the president elect held his first press conference since winning the election. The political event arrived in the midst of the scandal pointing to Trump with alleged information of secretly taped encounters, involving the President Elect and sexual providers in Russian hotels, which the American intelligence community included in their recent Russian hacking report. Vindictively, they leaked the 35 page study prepared by a British 007 agent and subsequently, the massive website Buzz Feed published it. It also came at the point where the Republicans launched the first missile against the Affordable Care Act “Obama Care,” as part of their orgasmic dream to dismantle and destroy the social net inaugurated by Pres. Franklin Roosevelt in the New Deal and enhanced by Barack Obama. But more important, close to 60 democratic congressm@n are boycotting the inauguration ceremony, while thousands of fighting organizations with hundreds of thousands will be protesting against the president to be, in the capitol and hundreds of cities from coast to coast. At the same time, the polls are not being kind to Donald. They paint a picture of him going down a Niagara Falls cliff before he is seated.

The press conference at a D.C. Trump Hotel was a theatrical presentation of boxes, a power of attorney of sorts, to convince us and the media that he’s going to be an honest president, free of influence peddling and “not using the White House as another one of his money making schemes.” -Really. If you believe this, I have a bridge to sell you-. The authoritarian rich man then proceeded to lambast the media, in particular CNN coverage on the intelligence report and violently denied its reporter any participation. No different than the ousted Mexican Jorge Ramos.

For this Friday Jan 20th, the inauguration ceremony and the ball, will be short of American and foreign entertainers,  singing super stars, poets and actors -including Mexicans- who, with the usual exceptions, all endorsed Hillary Clinton, the winner of the popular vote with three million more than Trump. 

As I always do, from the incept, I followed the campaign diligently. Especially looking for political developments and markers in general and within the 57 million Latino-American community, its recognized leaders and the polls. Trust me, Trump had zero national endorsers, and, the more credible pollsters always had him at less than 20%. In fact the Latino decisions poll of 5,000 voters and a recent study/article published in the LA Times on the election results, gauged his final Latino vote at 18.3%.

However in my research I did find the story of Teresa Hernandez, a hard core Republican Latina leader in Orange County and a member of the once powerful Lincoln Club. Early on in the campaign, she publicly declared her passionate support for Trump and I quote, “I also love him and I have forgiven all his flaws because I know he will turn Washington around.” Orange County Register. Meaning of course le perdono/she forgave his anti-Mexican and immigrant hating campaign strategy which was repeatthousands of times by a profit hungry media. Trump awakened, fomented and injected new layers of White racist intolerance, xenophobia and ignorance in the minds of tens of millions of Republicans in search of a scapegoat; As a complementary set of campaign phrases there was also the often repeated call for the deportation of all 11.5 million undocumented, the building of a 40ft border wall to stop all immigrants and Mexicans and also build a registry and prevent 1.2 billion Muslims from entering our country. All this, in addition to his despicable misogynist view of women, LGBTQs, the disabled and the sick in the tens of millions.

 Teresa’s and Trump’s values here are quite similar. She is reported to have led a GOP recruitment campaign in the Mexican barrios of Santa Ana, with the main talking point being, “democrats support homosexual marriages, join the Republican Party.”

 Along with her spouse Jose Hernandez, she is also the owner of Cielito Lindo Restaurant and Sol de Mexico Mariachi Nite Club. Unfortunately, El Sol, one of the top Mariachi ensembles in the world and bred in LA, for many years, has been used to serenade the fiestas of the Lincoln Club and Republican elites in Orange County.

 This brings me to Benito Juarez, the first Mexican Indian to be elected President in the continent and Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s most respected hero. He was the leader of the victorious war against the French occupation of 1862. Before the French-Mexico war began, a group of conservative Mexican traitors actually traveled to France to plead to the Emperor Napoleon to invade Mexico. Very similar to those that meet with and express their love for Trump. Being the world’s number one colonial power then, a Napoleon and his nation in decadence, erroneously accepted. In the first battle of 5 de Mayo 1862, Mexico routed the French imperial army, and three years after, the Europeans were defeated. The appointed Duke Maximilian and all the Mexican traitors at his service were executed. To Latinos and all people of goodwill, this is the moral of the story, ZAZ.

 Javier Rodriguez is a journalist and a media and political strategist  blog,

Ayotzinapa y el surgimiento del narco Estado

José Gil Olmos 23 de septiembre de 2015 Análisis