by Javier Rodriguez 30 May 2011

President Barack Obama passed on to eternity. Along with many of his advisors, he died in a plane accident on May 21, 2011, the same day that some prophets had predicted the end of life on earth. Because Obama was the world leader of capitalist globalization, Saint Peter, the guardian of the heavens greeted him at the main door. Over dinner and a bottle of MALBEC 1975 Argentinean fine wine, they conversed for hours about world and spiritual affairs, philosophy, history, Guantanamo, the revolutions of the present Arab Spring, Pakistan, the present wars, Cuba and Venezuela, the Narco war in Mexico and surprisingly immigration reform for the world’s 200 million undocumented immigrants. On the latter they both agreed that for success the world’s massive immigrant populations and their leaders would have to display higher levels of unity and sacrifice. At the end St. Peter gave the president a tour of the heavens. The feeling of peace was in the air in a non-toxic environment, with angels walking on the clouds and of course the relaxing sounds of harps and violins in the background. They then entered a huge mile long elevator which transcended a tunnel like barrier and Barack suddenly crossed a border with Lucifer in a black tuxedo waiting. He had entered his kingdom. It was full of glitter, business and media executives, word leaders and politicians, Henry Kissinger, the Clintons, the Bushes, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Mexico’s Vicente Calderon and Carlos Salinas, Pinochet, Somoza, the Colombian Narco President Alvaro Urine, Pope John Paul and the sinister Pedophile Bishop Maciel, even Sheriff Arpaio and thousands more. There were also unimaginable sumptuous banquets prepared by the best chefs available, big star entertainment, rich analytical discussions and speeches full of promises and adrenalin and best of all a White House with a hazy silhouette of Michelle standing at the front door. Understandably the president was dazzled. He told himself “this is fantastic, this is the life and man was I wrong about this place”. When it was over St. Peter took him back upstairs and informed him “you have now seen the afterworld and because you are the most important dignitary of this day and age, I have been instructed to allow you to make the choice of what side of the afterlife you want to live your eternal self”. Obama, fresh from the successful decisions to bomb Libya and the attack on Osama Bin Laden’s compound decided to sleep on it. The next morning full of smiles and joy, apologetically he told St. Peter he had chosen the other side of the border because “it had the life style he was accustomed to”. He was taken to the gigantic elevator and in a split second it zoomed below and the wide doors opened. To his surprise he landed in a grim place with many buildings destroyed and homes abandoned with thousands upon thousands of people walking somberly dressed in old worn and torn clothing, a putrid smell in the air and it was intolerably hot. Puzzled he thought, “Man this looks like Iraq or Juarez Mexico. I must have exited on the wrong floor”. So he turned to Lucifer and sternly said, “Sir I’m in the wrong floor right”. “No Mr. President”, was the response. “But this not what I saw yesterday. This is not for me. Where are all my colleagues, the banquets and the beautiful White House?”. Lucifer turned to St. Peter and with an unforgettable smile they both responded, “Mr. President, yesterday was only a campaign commercial”.

The moral of this story, la moraleja, obviously appears to be “never trust politicians and their campaign promises”. But the truth is billons of people in the planet, tired of George W. Bush and the Republicans and their wars, were also dazzled in 2008 by the magic of Barack Obama and the promises of change. Recall soon after taking office he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Understandably even Fidel and Hugo were impressed, at least for a while.