By Javier   Rodriguez             from Los Angeles           May 30, 2012


On July 1st 2012 Mexico’s 80 million voters will go to the   polls to elect the next president which will lead the country for another   term of six years. If you recall, the 2006 election of conservative Felipe   Calderon was riddled with charges of electoral fraud and in response, the   popular left candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and millions of angry Mexicans   marched in protest and camped out by the thousands in the capital for weeks. However,   Mexico’s ruling elite, the old political and corrupt guard personified by   former president Carlos Salinas de Gortari of the PRI and the outgoing   Vicente Fox of the PAN, along with the media monopoly coalesced behind the   fraud and at the end of a two month process it was the Supreme Court and  the brutal force of the army which  allowed Calderon to sit on the presidential   throne. 


Immediately the country was pushed into an unpopular and   poorly planned war which has left close to sixty thousand dead, many more disappeared   and hundreds of thousands have been displaced internally or have migrated to   the north into the US. Incredibly, governed by the party that promised change,   the country now lives in a collective state of fear and poverty has reached   astronomical levels with 15 million more people joining the ranks of the poor   under Calderon’s watch.


We knew then and we are certain now that there was a   rigged election, that the computer system used to count the national vote was   programmed to ensure that the left progressive candidate Andres Manuel   Lopez  Obrador would not win. We know now   that in charge of that  computer system   was Hildebrando Zavala, Calderon’s brother in law, who was paid 11 million   dollars to develop and supervise the count.


Today the election is 30 days away and the ruling   conservative National Action Party is totally discredited without any   possibility of reelection. But once again the astute ruling elites and the   media have lined up behind the candidate that will guarantee the continuity   of their wealth and privileges and he is Enrique Pena Nieto of the PRI. With   the media barons in charge of carrying the massive publicity, the principal   pillar of the PRI campaign strategy has been an avalanche of polls that for   over a year have placed Pena Nieto  in   front in double digits to psychologically convince the electorate of the   invincibility of the “young soap opera looking” candidate.


However Lopez Obrador and the Progressive Alliance with   five years of continuous grass roots work and visiting the 2300 plus   municipalities in every corner of Mexico, some up to ten times, have   methodically gained ground and independent polling firms have placed him   ahead or close to the PRI candidate. In fact all the polls done in the last   two months in the social networks and among the youth, which make up 29.7   million voters, have Lopez Obrador winning by a landslide.


Then the “May 11 Black Friday” arrived and with it the social   explosion that has mobilized the country’s student sector from most of the   major universities into a movement organized as “Los #132” and they have gone   viral  on the social networks and have   hit the streets against the PRI and Pena Nieto. And more, charging that the public   campaign information is also skewed, they have also targeted the TV giants   Televisa and Azteca America with major demonstrations up and down the country.   On the latter, the main slogans used in banners or on cyberspace have   been,  “Televisa idiotiza and Azteca   America apendeja” which roughly mean they “idiotize and fool the people.”


The spectacular rise of the present Mexican student   rebellion was born 19 days ago at the prestigious Jesuit Universidad   Iberoamericana of Mexico City, precisely when the PRI candidate was making a   presentation to the school’s student body. According to reported student   testimonies, the issues that angered the students and sparked the mobilization   against Pena Nieto was, 1) the arrival of unknown students that entered the school’s   auditórium carrying Pena Nieto propaganda and occupied the front row seats 2)   the candidate’s security agents stood in the building entrance to take away all   placards or signs of opposition from the youth 3) the presence of an   individual in a black suit offering $250 pesos to neutralize any critical   questions against the candidate, 4) The intimidating photos taken of anyone   chanting or carrying a sign 5) The presence of a PRI leader that brazenly   coordinated all the Peña Nieto followers to neutralize the protests.  


But it was the moment of his speech in which as the former   governor of the State of Mexico, he accepted responsibility for the violation   of human rights in the deaths, over two hundred arrests, beatings and the   rape of 40 women by police in the town of Atenco, years ago, that finally   tipped the water and the cries of “fuera Pena Nieto, la Ibero no te quiere-out”   were heard and did not stop until the nervous and confused candidate and his   security hurriedly exited the school. With no shame whatsoever, the   controlled media publicized the event as “a successful accepted speech” then   accused the students of being a minority and tied to Lopez Obrador.

  In essence what unraveled on that day was the fact that the PRI is still the   old corrupt and authoritarian machine that buys votes, herds supporters, manipulates   public opinion and buys the media. The PRI that had gained ground suddenly ran   into an intolerant critical mass of people who will not stand for lies.

According to some reports the rising and independent student   movement has already derailed Pena Nieto’s campaign of “the invincible   candidate” and since, parts of this movement maybe  leaning towards Obrador. As proof, there is   the very recent student election held after the mentioned “Black Friday” at   the National Autonomous University of Mexico that astonishingly gave Lopez   Obrador 85% of 20,000 votes cast. Plus, the students convened a huge rally of   tens of thousands of youth at the symbolic Plaza de las Tres Culturas at   Tlatelolco addressed by the candidate of the left.


For the Mexico’s 60 plus million poor, the working class,   the diminishing middle class, students and youth, the seniors, the small   farmers and the peasants, the small businesses and a growing part of the   large corporations, AMLO is their hope to end the endemic corruption and save   the country from the continuous social and economic disaster.


It is in this context    that I am suggesting that a Los Angeles or California wide delegation   of observers be organized to visit and be present in Mexico City as observers   between June 26 to July 3 and develop a written report and the media events   necessary to inform the people of our state.  


If you are interested in   participating in this delegation to Mexico to observe the Presidential   Elections on July 1, 2012, please respond as soon as possible To be clear   this is not a neutral delegation but one with the clear objective of looking   for any signs of another electoral fraud as the one in 2006 which stole the   elections and forced Calderon and the conservative PAN into power, ZAZ,   Javier Rodriguez or   213-909-3410.


I have also hundreds of   copies of the Luis Mandoki Video Documentary Fraude 2006, donated by Maya   Cinema which outlines the past electoral, how it was implemented along with a   dirty campaign against Lopez Obrador and who were the individuals and forces behind   it. The video  is available for   organizations and individuals for bulk purchase.


Javier Rodriguez is a long time   activist in LA’s social movement, particularly Latino politics, has been   active in the field of immigrant rights since 1971, with 22 years as a rank   and filer in labor, an activist against the war in Viet Nam,  was the initiator of Latinos Against the   War in Iraq, is also an independent journalist, a media and political   strategist, and  today is presently   with the Dec 12 Coalition and Occupy LA. He recently traveled throughout   Mexico for several months that included being part of a nine person truck   convoy, that delivered 10 tons of humanitarian aid to three Tarahumara   communities in the PRD Municipal District of Cachiric, Chihuahua.