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By Javier Rodriguez     from Mexico City     13 September 2012


As a matter of clarification. This writing is part of a dialogue which began online on Tuesday 11 of September 2012. It is the Anniversary of the airplane bombings of the twin towers in New York which thousands of experts say, after meticulous investigations, the planes alone nor the heat from the fire erupted, could not have caused the demolition of the towers, even less the third building, which supposedly fell due to the fall of the other structures. Sounds like the fabrication of the Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction of 2002-03 which were never found, but gave the Bush Administration, the neocons and makers of the lie, the excuse to declare war, bomb and destroy an innocent nation, Iraq, who had nothing, zero, silt to do with the New York incident and had never set foot or bomb the United States. This a key reason the Republicans have to be defeated again in November and that is not to say the Democratic Party elites are angels in America. They are both sustainers of the Empire and its control of the planet for the world’s 1%. However, the pain of those families and friends left behind by the 9/11 tragedy has to be respected.


ZAZ Gina y Alyssa, I’m sharing this with the rest of the family and I’ll also publish it in my blog


For some reason we, the family are going through a period of low ebb, not an intensive one as it should be. And this historical period calls and puts into question our moral values and the level of sensitivity to make, as Jesse Jackson says, “other people reach happiness.”  I take this to mean up and above the family, our people, all people of goodwill regardless of race or philosophical thinking, our neighbors, the community, the nation but not the nation of the 1% super billionaires and millionaires.


Do you recall the conversation right after the recent nightmare, when you confronted the cops who were totally, out of nowhere, violating Ruben’s rights, because they went after him solely because of his race. He didn’t commit any traffic violation and he was at the gas station after having been “The Dark Night” that in the middle of that night went and rescued you and the children. The SOBs, they race profiled him and then you went into action and called them the appropriate terms “you White MFs, leave him alone, let him go, he didn’t do anything illegal. You’re doing this because he is a Mexican, etc.” You know with the recent events in Anaheim and the police killings, I believe five or seven Latinos have died, and the videos of the those deaths and uncalled for beatings made news all over the world, especially here in Mexico, in retrospect, you could have ended up badly beaten, even killed. In this conversation I recall, I clearly said, “Gina, the activism in you finally came out again. This is how you were brought up, it was always in there. Get into the struggle,” and you responded, “I don’t know how Papi, show me.”


However in looking at the whole family picture, yes there are some limitations of social sensitivity our family may have in the present or  frankly it has, but when I see the positive and the whole enchilada, I would not change it for another in the planet, blood is thicker than water, and when it comes to defending or being part of the struggle of humanity to make a better world, mistakes and all, our family and some in the different branches that makes our family so large, are always there, giving it all at their disposal. After asserting that, I can freely say, wake up family, if the Republican ultra right gets into power again, they want to deport the 12 million of our people whose children go to school with ours and they will want to implement the policy of self deportation which was created by a neo Nazi from Arkansas named Koch, the maker of the Arizona SB1070 and Alabama laws. This man who is the Secretary of State in Arkansas is partially financed by the ultra right billionaire Coch Brothers. The intention of that “papers please mentality and self deportation” is to brutally make life miserable and horrible, a living nightmare, to create the conditions for our undocumented families to self deport, savagely tearing the families apart as they are doing now and have done for years. And my grandaughter Alyssa can attest to it. It happened to one of her close school friends who is undocumented, she was sad to see her friend suffering and crying and so were all the friends in their high school in Lake Forest, Orange County.   


During the Great Depression in the thirties, over a million Mexican people were deported and forced to leave. The statistical facts, the documented history and family stories, their called anecdotal facts, approximately 60% were US born citizens. The movie, La Familia/The Family of a few years ago revealed that experience to the mainstream, way above just Latinos. Then in the 50s the US government again went after Mexican immigrants with a passion with “Operation wetback” and massively persecuted and deported our people. Astonishingly my daughter, many of those people had been contracted as farm laborers to work in the fields during World War II and they were called braceros. Ironically, the millions who had just helped the country with their hard back braking labor in the agricultural industry were then persecuted like today. Well, your grandfather Antonio, the man who built the bridges to bring us all here, was one of those braceros. As a matter of fact many of those who have survived and their sons or daughters are fighting the Mexican government for thousands of dollars, in the millions, that were deducted from their pay and never received it.  


Part of the problem with Obama governing the country in a more liberal humane manner in the last four years has been a hard line Republican strategy to oppose anything on the table including reforms in health care and immigration, which they voted against unanimously. But is not just in Congress where the Republicans as a party have obstructed the political process, but also the ultra conservative, the extreme right have been sabotaging within institutions like ICE, the Anaheim Police, LA Sheriffs, the LAPD Police Union, the CIA, and a court system which has filled the prisons and jails with  2.4 million people, and the great majority, 2/3, are African Americans and Latinos, primarily youth. For decades they have been imprisoned mostly on non violent drug charges of  possession or sales, with explicitly designed laws and sentences. But at the same time whites, who use and sell drugs at a higher percent and are 50% of the population are not subject to the Jim Crow justice of discrimination and racism. America my daughter makes up only, I think, 6% of the planet’s population but it has close to 30% of the prisoners of the world, plus millions more in probation, parole, and a load of rehabilitation and educational programs which are not free.


Along with the above there are many more departments and other government agencies which are in the same bracket. But catch this irony, the National Association of Police Departments, made up of chiefs, the brass, support legalization and immigration reform and the Dream Act. Asi es my wonderful daughter and granddaughter who look and have always had the fighting spirit of the Rodriguez.’ And Alyssa, I know you know this, but let me say it, it is not the whole of White society and history tells and reveals that clearly, and your friends are a testament to the following observation: The majority of White people in America now do support a better and more diverse society and that means also the undocumented.


Casa de los Amigos


As a matter of fact, here in Mexico I’m staying at Casa de los Amigos/The House of Friendship, a Quaker House of Peace and Solidarity and they have them in many continents. The Quaker tradition has its roots all the way back to the days of slavery. Here La Casa is both a Hostel and a house for immigrants from any part of the world. So I’m staying with their volunteers, the majority from the US and they all speak Spanish. The tenants, many are Africans, Arabs, Syrians, Iranians, Colombians, Central Americans, a  young Vietnamese-Salvadoran who is from Pomona, even Mexicans from several parts of the country, and lastly American and European visitors who love Mexico and are traveling,  and half or more of the groups I mentioned are women. Many are here because they are seeking asylum in Mexico, because they are persecuted in their home countries, just like hundreds of thousands Mexicans who have left Mexico since 2006 due to the violence of the present narco-government war. And of course me the Rodriguez activist and writer. I’ll leave it here because I have been writing and reading for about ten hours straight and my back is beginning to give and it’s 5:30 AM and I have to wake up early. See below the definition or rather the comparatives I got from the Thesaurus.



Papi and your Grandpa, El TJ Javier

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The meaning or comparative terms. Activist: Campaigner (N.) campaigner, protester, objector, militant, advocate.


Forward looking (adjective) forward looking, advanced, futuristic, modern, avant-garde, innovative, highly developed, ahead of its time.


Check this out: conservative (Antonym)


Liberal (adj) liberal, open-minded, broadminded, enlightened, radical, unbiased, unprejudiced,

It gets worse:, reactionary (Antonym)