Let’s ensure this online discussion on expands so as to bring in other writers and activists into the debate that’s definitely heating up in the country and internationally on the awaited and coveted Comprehensive Immigration Reform.
I think that Patricio presents a good critical argument but upon wanting to land on solutions, meaning a political, organizational and media strategy and plan of action to move the country’s political and social forces, he falls totally over the cliff and dedicates 29 words to it, revealing no real practical vision:
“All these contradictions present challenges to the progressive immigrant forces involved in the struggle for true reform. So, let’s stay together and not waste our ammunition on each other.” 29 words
Hasta alli llega y se cae, casi como en un orgasmo con balas de salva Hollywoodenses /It’s as far as he got, almost like an orgasm with Hollywood blanks. It’s obvious he’s not tied to any of the major political currents or organizational coalitions in the region or nationally that he could refer to or quote. In other words to say, I firmly believe that the path to legalization and the empowerment for our people within the present capitalist framework “for this year is this way.”
To many of us in the Latino progressive or left wing of the movement, the answer has been screaming at us by the millions of our people who used their growing electoral power and coalesced with the broad coalition to defeat the ultra right anti immigrant wing on November 6, 2012. In doing so they rejected the appeals from some quarters to support the absurd 2010 call to boycott the census as well as the call of no re-election of Barack Obama for a second term. It’s a no brainer. They saw no other viable alternative and to internalize this, it is imperative to land and not just remain in the frantic orgasm status. Our people saw who was and are its allies. In the path to the resolution on the legalization of their weakest sector, the undocumented, they clearly differentiated between the blues and the reds -the only game in town- who was and is nearest to their aspirations. Of course the record breaking Latino vote and message wasn’t spontaneous. Behind it were Labor, Latino and Immigrant organizations and other movements , but the political organizing strategy was built and implemented skillfully by the Obama for America Presidential Campaign. Today, at three months since the elections, millions of those Latino voters as well as other sectors of the coalition are going to be mobilized behind the push for immigration reform and other legislative priorities. In other words, the tens of millions that voted for Obama have been placed on an active list for political participation, lobbying and pressure.
I’ll deal with the surge of the momentum in another piece soon because when you abstract and see the chronology of events, you decipher the process it’s a lot easier to see the more complete panorama.
For a better understanding of the Latino and immigrant connection look for the column written by Latino Univision Radio DJ Fernando Espuelas on Sunday’s editorial pages. It is a masterful piece that points out how the attacks on immigrants are seen clearly as an attack on Latinos and consequently the issue of immigration is a charged emotional and passionate subject. As I read it and understood it, Espuelas makes the point that “when you fruck with immigrants you are frucking with us.” The latter my words.
Finally, if the brothers are contemplating implementing a deeper structural revolutionary reform or an assault on the presidential seat of the Empire trough the struggle on immigration, under these present conditions, I respectfully think they are traveling in a space shuttle or as the historical Joaquin stated “lost in a world of Anglo confusion.” ZAZ, respectfully, Javier
With your permission I’ll amplify the discussion to other websites and reading email lists so as to invite others to partake on this thread.
Additionally a meeting tomorrow Thursday is being called for all of the members that composed the March 25 Coalition in the making of the immigrant Spring 2006. The agenda or motivation is to celebrate and give recognition to the photographers who immortalized the mega mobilizations of March 25, April 15 Student and Youth March and the May 1st Great American Boycott. For information on where contact Gloria Saucedo 818-919-4718 or Javier 213-909-3410