By Javier Rodriguez Los Ángeles 8 Feb. 2013
To family and friends, in this period of history, since December 2005 to 2007 and then from January 2009 to the present, all along, it has been primarily the ultra right and the Republicans who have obstructed the path to Comprehensive Immigration Reform and legalization. The developments throughout the 2012 presidential campaign and since clearly bear this out. The just concluded hearing in the Judiciary Committee of the House of Representatives exposed once again the hardliner statements on the legalization and citizenship component by several of the Republicans present on one side, who along with Florida Senator Rubio, expressed their wishes to tortuously extend the wait for full legalization as much as possible for the 11.5 million immigrants. The Republican bluff is contrary to the mainstream national conversation on reform and a clear example on this is the fact that since inaugural day, dozens of the major newspapers in the country have opposed the Republican move and have called for a more generous path to citizenship, essentially supporting the president’s call.
However as the debate on the fiscal cliff and other national issues point out, the Republican Party is divided, meaning they will PROBABLY not be able to block the final passage sometime this year.
From the grass roots to the White House, it is eminent we understand who and what forces are the allies of the immigrant’s movement and not fall into the classic divisions of the past, especially 2009. The pressure focus, the lobbying and marches by the nation’s broad immigrant rights movement has to be on this button, especially by May 1st when the debate will be intense in congress and through the media venues. The call has already been made to land on Washington on April 10 in massive numbers to lobby. Then on May 1st 2013, mobilize and inundate hundreds of cities with giant street marches -similar to the Immigrant Spring of 2006- to then demand a generous comprehensive immigration reform with as little waiting time as possible for legalization. I will add, a one year time qualification residence requirement and of course a cease to deportations.
Don’t be fooled by the small diminutive sector of dogmatic hardliners in our ranks. To reiterate, the issue is already a part of the “National Conversation,” supported by a majority of Americans and the media, almost all national organizations and the general electorate, who on November 6, 2012 dealt the ultra right a loud resounding defeat.
For your information, yesterday night in Downtown LA, a dozen of the original organizers of the March 25 Coalition met to discuss a commemoration event of the 7th Anniversary of the 1.7 Million March 25 Grand March in Los Angeles. For the present the objective is to celebrate the record breaking march and honor the organizers, the friendly Latino media and reporters, the Latino Locutores Djs, the photographers of La Opinion and the LA Times and their panoramic historical photos, and also to display a curated Photo and Poster Memorabilia Exhibit at a central location. The suggested name for the organization is the March 25 Coalition Commemoration Committee. The M25CCC is now made up of Gloria Saucedo, Prof. Jesse Diaz and Gracie Diaz, Atty. Antonio Rodriguez, Senate Field Representative Jaime Rodriguez Sr. Jorge Bravo of Hecho en Mexico Rest., Jacobo Rodriguez, Rosa Martha Zarate, Jaime Rodriguez Jr. City Council Field Rep., Francisco Paco A. Rodriguez of Corazon del Pueblo and Journalist Javier Rodriguez. We will meet next Thursday 6:30 PM at Hecho en Mexico Restaurant 4976 Huntington Dr. El Sereno LA 90032 and we need volunteers to organize the exhibit and Abel Salas was placed in the hat. If any of you have photos, posters or videos of March 25, the April 15 Student March and the May 1st Great American Boycott 2006 please contact us and donate them.
ZAZ, Javier
*Javier Rodriguez is a journalist and a media and political strategist. He recently completed his third trip thru Mexico, observing and writing about the country’s political process, the aftermath of a highly questioned presidential election, the drug war and migrants. A long time social activist, he was the initiator and part of the key leadership that directed the making of the 1.7 million historical immigration march in Los Angeles on March 25, 2006 as well as the May 1st 2006 Great American Boycott.