Bro Rudy on The Case of Marco Rubio
Let me congratulate you on this piece “The Case of Marco Rubio” by Rudy Acuna. It is about time you entered the Comprehensive Immigration Reform debate because your contribution will awaken sectors of the thinking community, especially those in education, many in the English speaking Chicano world of our people and broaden the perspective of members of the Latino media. Your analysis of Rubio is on target.

A couple of observations, it is imperative bro that the thinkers address the political and organizational strategies at play and perhaps offer constructive criticisms to expand the views of how we are to successfully reach the mountain top of the promised land of legalization and the overhaul of the immigration system, because although we are the closest we’ve been since 1987, when we actually began the fight for the human rights of the estimated 2.5 million immigrants left behind by the IRCA 1986 Amnesty Law, we’re not there yet.

Though many are prolific writers and can articulate ideas, when it comes down to actually landing and looking and analyzing the whole playing field, meaning the social political forces -right and left- and the political and organizational strategies developing in praxis, they fall short. There is hardly anything out there online or books published. Sometime ago I had a conversation with the patriarch of the Figueroa’s from Barstow and that’s when I put two and two together on who was the organizational Latino strategist for the Obama 2008 campaign that successfully strategized, organized and brought out the Latino electorate in record numbers for the Candidate of Change, it was one of the nephews of the Figueroa clan. Similarly today, although we know who the brains were in the overall democratic victory over the extreme right, who then was the particular field marshal for Latinos and what was the vision and by extension, what is the field vision today on CIR? In saying this, the conclusion is obvious, it was the Democratic Party and the Obama For America Campaign that strategized and organized the new breaking record breaking Latino electorate for November 2012. No offense to the diehards, it’s just a fact.

Lastly, there is a visa quota for Cuba and it’s small. But the empire did an end run on that limit when it approved the touch land tactic for Cuban immigrants and of course, conveniently plays the lie that it is the Cuban government who does not issue the permits and even that fallacy is totally worn out with the recent immigration reform approved in the Island. Shit, Yoanie the Cuban right wing blogger is out on a ten country tour, naturally paid with our taxes. ZAZ, Javier