The 10 Year American Dream of Connie Castro and Jorge Bravo at Risk.

Dreamers and other immigrants may lose jobs.

Jorge Bravo and Connie Castro, the owners of Hecho en Mexico Restaurant are sorry to announce the probability of laying off 50% of their workforce. The founders of the landmark eatery have been the subject of a yearlong unfair and unfounded boycott declared by the administrators of a nearby charter school. The hopefully just temporary adjustments for the business, located in El Sereno-Northeast LA, will be applied sometime in the month of March. “It is a painful decision to reduce the workforce, but for the moment it is necessary. We have been sacrificing for some time, carrying the full work load so as not to lay off anyone,” said Bravo and adds, “ all these people have been with us from the beginning and this includes Juanita Flores, a server who has worked at Hecho since we opened in 2003, but she also worked for the previous two owners for 29 years. Plus, and this is just as painful, we have DREAMERs working part time while in college, and who alongside their mothers and sisters also working at HECHO, are expecting to benefit with the upcoming immigration reform and Legalization. Logically, they are going to need a job to qualify and pay all the fees.” Emotionally, Connie says, “all this because of an absurd, conservative and moralist boycott, the Christian Coalition type, which should have no place in our community.”

Jorge and Connie are immigrants who have never reneged their Latino Mexican roots. On May 1st 2006 they joined thousands of other small and big businesses and closed their restaurant and with it, half the City of Los Angeles, then in support of the “Great American Boycott.” Alongside their family, friends and all the HECHO employees they marched together with a million people in LA against the infamous anti immigrant Sensenbrenner Bill HR4436. The couple is visibly active in the community and presently, Connie is the President of the LA 32 Neighborhood Council. Their son Ronald is a UC Riverside student majoring in Political Science. He, along with 50 other class mates, are organizing a National Immigration Leadership Summit scheduled for March 16 of this year and President Barack Obama is one of the invited speakers. The activist students are being mentored by their professor Dr. Armando Navarro, a historian, and Maryann Gonzalez.

Connie and Jorge are asking the community and all its multicultural clientele to please continue to support and frequent the restauran and enjoy the fine Mexican cuisine and wine Margaritas. It is located at 4976 Huntington DR. in El Sereno-Los Angeles

Additionally, by next week, they are set to make a major move to protect their restaurant, the employees, their clients and the community.