By Javier Rodriguez     from La Plaza del Mariachi   13 March 2013

A profile with significant contradictions. Being a Latin American and a Jesuit, the new Argentinean Pope has made history.  Without a doubt, the chosen one has a deep social sensitivity towards the poor and the credentials and his practice seem undisputable. Additionally his austere personal, life hanging out in slums and living in humility are admirable. On the other hand the criticisms coming from his own people involved in the social struggles against the fascist military Junta and from the progressive governments led by Kirchner and Fernandez speak loudly to his limitations.

However, there is a pale comparison to the two most recent rulers of the Catholic Church. Both were protectors of the large percentage of pedophiles in the church. John Paul is accused of giving the orders to stage the international cover up and Benedict was the hatchet man who implemented the order. The latter was a former neo fascist in Germany in his youth and the other a reactionary anti communist born and raised in Communist Poland. In contrast to the new Pope Berglolio, they never condemned capitalism or neo-liberalism nor as far I know, never blamed the super rich ruling class for the problems and widespread poverty in the planet. Poignantly, they were always considered accomplices of capitalist globalization and the wars of the Empire against the people of the Third World. Based on my catholic teachings and formation as a social activist, I firmly believe the former is not resting comfortably in the heavens and Benedict will join him in the afterlife.

In this context, I’m hopeful Immigrants and the poor in the planet will have an ally in the Vatican. Let’s hail the new chief of the billion plus Catholic Church. ZAZ, Javier