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Press Statement for 29 April 2013

National May Day Marches in LA, Las Vegas, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas,  Madison, Tucson, New York and more to mobilize tens of thousands in every city for Immigration Reform and a Path to Citizenship.

In LA American Apparel & Main LA Immigration Coalitions Agree to Unify, will march on Broadway at noon and 50,000 are expected.

Chicago will be joined by 14 year old Saulito Arellano and 5 other US born children living in Mexico with parents deported and a big one is also expected.

Thousands will march in Las Vegas and Atlanta unified by Salvador Zamora “El Caminante” and dramatic ongoing hunger strikes on their 20th day.  

LA and Tucson 90 Member Delegation to D.C. Returns; Lobbied Republicans, met with Sen. Reid and Cong. Gutierrez.  

Debate to begin on SB144 amendments on May 9 in Judiciary Committee.

House Reform Bill to be presented this coming week.   

With the 27 year campaign for the legalization of the millions of undocumented Americans and a comprehensive immigration reform  to overhaul the broken immigration system coming to a close possibly in the next two months, the May 1st marches take center stage once more to augment the necessary political pressure on Washington. Tens and perhaps hundreds of thousands will march in Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Tucson, Dallas, Milwaukee, Madison and more. The majority of coalitions have unified their cities and will be marching under the general banner of “now is the time” for immigration reform and for President Obama to issue a decree to stop the daily deportations that continue to separate families and deport non priority immigrants.

Additionally, the marches arrive at the moment when SB144 is in the course of Senate hearings and officially amendments are set for May 7 and the final debates will begin two days later on May 9. Also, a recent delegation to D.C. of 90 activists and leaders from LA, Sacramento, Oxnard, Las Vegas and Tucson report Harry Reid is certain the bill will be approved in the senate. As well, the delegation met with Cong. Luis Gutierrez and the House Bill is scheduled to be introduced officially this coming week. However, the Republican Speaker of the House has announced it will first schedule for hearings only some  parts of the bill. An apparent divisive move bitterly criticized by La Opinion and other venues requesting that the bill be discussed integrally and not by parts. Gutierrez has so far refused to critize it.

Already last April 10 35,000 rallied in D.C. and thousands more in over 60 cities on the same day. This time, with the assistance and solidarity of the media, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas and Las Vegas are attempting to revive the momentum of 2006. If successful hundreds of thousands will flood the streets and the pressure will be a clear reminder to the Republicans in the House of their loss in the November 2012 elections and the role played by the bourgeoning Latino political empowerment. Moreover, along with the multifaceted campaign now in development through the grass roots movements, including the one directed by the architects of the successful Obama democratic victory last November, it is feasible we may have the coveted reform victory in late June. We shall see.