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  • St. Patrick’s Day Celebration
  • Plus La Sonora Dinamita

Featuring the best and rising talent of LA:

  • All Womens-Mujeres “Mariachi Las Colibrí”
  • Mariachi Fiesta Mexicana
  • Mariachi Jaguares de Mendez High School
  • Especial Guest “Deyra Barrera”


What: Special St. Patrick’s Day Celebration with a Touch & Mexican Flavor  

When: Monday March 17, 2014   Show starts at 7 PM dancing to 2 AM

Where: Fiesta Mexicana Bar & Grill 1105 W. Whittier Blvd Montebello, Ca.


St. Patrick’s Day is also a special day for Mexican people in the US and in Mexico because of a significant historic event. During the US Mexico War of 1846-48, a Battalion of Irish immigrant soldiers –Los San Patricios- switched sides and joined Mexico in the fight against US occupation and annexation.

from Google: Mexicans, however, see them in a vastly different light. To Mexicans, the San Patricios were great heroes who defected because they could not stand to see the Americans bullying a smaller, weaker Catholic nation. They fought not out of fear but out of a sense of righteousness and justice. Every year, St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated in Mexico, particularly in the places where the soldiers were hanged. They have received many honors from the Mexican government, including streets named after them, plaques, postage stamps issued in their honor, etc.


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Fiesta Mexicana Bar & Grill serves fine food and has a full bar. It is owned and operated by Jesus Jimenez and Rebecca Saldana. She originates from Santa Ana, California and Jesus is a native of Jalisco.  He is a former and legendary union organizer from the 80s, a successful realtor, a restaurateur and both are avid supporters of immigration reform for the millions of undocumented immigrants.