If you keep your hopes and faith in the system, perhaps by the year 3,000, we will see these criminals rot in prisons

by Javier Rodriguez  from Plaza del Mariachi 20 March 2014

To friends and family, HERE WE GO AGAIN, “ANOTHER BILLION DOLLAR SETTLEMENT,” and “Although no individuals at Toyota were charged, the case was the first federal criminal case of its kind since the passage of the first U.S. auto safety law 48 years ago.

“It means at the highest levels of the auto company, they have to worry about going to jail if they don’t report a defect,” said Joan Claybrook, a former president of the nonprofit Public Citizen who favors stricter safety standards.”

At this rate with over 300,000 similar cases, purportedly court filings, by the coming of the 3rd millennium, in the year 3,000, we may see these sociopaths and members of the ruling corporate class, serve life terms in prison, or even sentenced to the death penalty. Just like the over 2 million working class Latinos, African Americans, whites, the Guantanamo prisoners and the 12 million undocumented immigrants,their 5 million US born children and their estimated 3 million wives  who exist in a living hell, no different than a dictatorship, rotting away in the prisons and jails or in the hundreds of massive urban settings, ZAZ, Javier

Toyota’s $1.2 billion settlement may be model for U.S. probe into GM


By Aruna Viswanatha, David Ingram and Ben Klayman                                 1 hour ago                            


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Toyota to pay record $1.2 billion recall fine