By Javier Rodriguez  from Los Angeles   23 November 2014

The awaited Presidential Executive Action is now a reality and an estimated 5 million immigrants in the US are now protected for three years and the only thing that can reverse the presidential decree would be if the  right wing  congress appeals to the Supreme Court to declare the Executive Action as unconstitutional. If not,  we the people have a presidential protection that will last many years, similar to the ones signed by other presidents.

However, the immigrant rights movement can not sit idly because  the moment is key and exiting. Obama has he Republican leaders against the wall and their strategy of continuing on the offensive since the midterm election has crumbled. They ran against the unstoppable Latino  and Asian demographic reality and the upcoming national presidential election of 2016 and its obvious, they have no plan. They are divided, on the defensive and loudly playing the . The Koch Brothers and other far right ideological right wing billionaires, who poured hundreds of millions into the last campaign, thought they were going to have a free ride and bask on making legislation and bills for themselves y ZAZ here we are.

But the same myopia that blinded them can also affect us, unless, unless we up the ante and catch the ball launched by the president. That is putting the pressure on Speaker Boehner and Senate leader McConnell to wrest a full congressional legislation, meaning a comprehensive immigration reform law to legislate permanent protection for all the undocumented part of our people. Essentially what this means is that the new generation of leadership in our ranks has to defeat the always divided Crying Game leaders in all the important strategic battle ground states and wage the necessary unified political and organizing campaigns to make immigration reform a full reality.

ZAZ, Javier