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  • Two new polls out Monday show voters are on board with President Barack Obama’s executive action on immigration.
  • “Latino Voters support the Presidential Action by a whopping 90%,” and “Latino respondents blame Republicans in Congress for their inaction on the issue—64% to 24%.” Latino Decisions
  • By a 39-point margin–67 percent compared with 28 percent—all likely 2016 voters view favorably the plan Obama announced last week,” Hart Executive Research Associates

By Javier Rodriguez from Los Angeles   26 November 2014                    

Predictably, the Presidential Executive Action signed by Barack Obama, designed to protect 5 million undocumented immigrants residing in the U.S. –the majority parents of US born or legal resident children- from the scourge of deportation, and renewable every three years, has kicked off an unprecedented explosion of support from the American electorate. 

Two of the latest polls published on Monday clearly show that contrary to the pessimist predictions from right wing quarters, voters are in tune with the president’s bold move to begin fixing the old broken immigration system, in addition to the fact that he is doing it by integrating almost half of the 11.5 million undocumented communities into the mainstream.  

The awaited presidential move as of last Thursday night is now a reality and the only thing that could possibly reverse the decree would be if the  right wing controlled Senate and Congress   petition the Supreme Court  to declare the Executive Action unconstitutional. If not, we the people have a presidential protection that will last many years, similar to the ones signed by past presidents.

However, the immigration reform movement cannot sit idly by because the moment is key and highly emotional. Obama has the Republican leadership against the wall and their midterm election strategy of continuing on the offensive has crumbled. As predicted, they ran into the unstoppable Latino and Asian demographic Tsunami and the stark reality of the upcoming national elections of 2016 and it’s obvious, they had no other plan. Unequivocally, the media and the majority of credible analysts have it right: the Republicans are on the defensive, they are divided into several camps, with the far right, which includes Ted Cruz, driving the hard line and hypocritically  playing the Crying Game without passing their own reform bill. And the president and the crowd in Las Vegas, on national TV, loudly reminded them with the robust campaign chant of “pass a bill, pass a bill, pass a bill” and the country was and is listening. Additionally and more myopic, the Koch Brothers and the other far right wing billionaires, who poured hundreds of millions into the last republican campaign, thought they were going to have a free ride and bask on making legislation and bills for themselves, but it appears that their plan also crumbled y ZAZ here we are.

By the same token, the same myopia that is blinding the right can also affect the reformers, unless, unless they up the ante and catch the ball launched by the president. That is to also take advantage of the window in front of us -before the Republicans take control of both houses- and begin the new state of play by putting a more creative and implacable pressure on Speaker Boehner and Senate leader McConnell to once and for all, place the comprehensive immigration reform law to legislate the permanent protection -with the path to citizenship- for all the qualified undocumented part of our family, up for a vote. For this to happen, the reform movement leaders have  to understand that the opinion polls and the electorate are now dramatically leaning in favor of reform, therefore the demographic Tsunami has to appear everywhere relentlessly pointing at the republicans. 

Essentially, and unfortunately at the same time, what this means is that the new generation of growing leadership, Latino media included, has to convince or bypass the always divided Crying Game leaders within our ranks, in all the important strategic battle ground states and wage the necessary “unified not divided” political and organizing campaigns, to once again inject immigration reform into the American Dream, just as we did in 1986.

For this to be made a reality, the reform movement has to also take advantage of the growing momentum and the obvious change in the correlation of forces, meaning the forces at play on this side of the court, made possible by the 5 million People Executive Action Victory.

*Javier Rodriguez is a blogger and a media and political strategist. A long time social activist, he isa co founder of the Millions of Voices Coalition in LA that on Sept. 22, 2013  organized one of the largest marches with thousands of people in Downtown LA for Immigration Reform; He was also the initiator and directed the making of the 1.7 million historical immigration march in Los Angeles on March 25, 2006, as well as the May 1st 2006 Great American Boycott;