Media Advisory 29 June 2015

Contacts: Javier Rodriguez 213-446-0228 Gloria Saucedo 818-919-4718 Martha Ugarte 818-398-2578

  • UNIVISION, NBC and Carlos Slim dumped the racist billionaire Donald Trump. What does this victory mean for Mexicans-Latinos and immigrants?
  • A new petition directed at 5th Circuit Federal Appeals Court Republican judges.
  • Are these judges carrying out political dirty judicial work for the Republican Far Right?
  • Civil Rights Attorneys and Immigration Reform leaders will address the media.
  • WHO: CA Millions of Voices Coalition
  • WHERE: Los Angeles Federal District Court corner Spring and Temple Sts. in downtown LA.
  • WHEN: Tuesday June 30, 2015 at 5 PM,
  • WHAT: Civil Rights Attorneys and Latino leaders will address the upcoming July 10 Federal Appeals Court 5th Circuit hearing in New Orleans and the newly introduced petition to push the 10 ultra conservative judges of this court into a ruling opposing the 26 Republican Governors Anti-Immigrant Lawsuit known as Texas Vs DAPA as well as the dumping of Donald Trump.