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“THE ORGASMIC BAJA TACO IS The perfect combination of creamy Sweet light spices, A SECRET FISH FILLET, showcasing salsas, a special handmade tortilla AND a flaky crunchy CLIMAX. IT WILL FOREVER CHANGE YOUR PALATE.”


A year ago, the successful launching of “Mi Pasion Catering and Taqueria,” a gourmet cuisine enterprise, surprised our families, a vast circle of friends, downtown law firms and government employees. The makers, our grandniece Lydia Rodriguez Arago and partner Chef Camron Torres.

Since then, the delicious gastronomy of Mi Pasion has delighted thousands of hearty and knowledgeable palates.

By word of mouth only, the news has passionately traveled to many Latino Quarters and Rincones of L.A. including La Opinion, Eastside Sun, Brooklyn&Boyle and the giant LA TIMES. The instant success has been exhilarating to the point “Mi Pasion” was booked all past 52 weeks, and amazingly, they are scheduled 5 months ahead until September 2016, including, a 400 people banquet in which after a “food tasting” session, the newborn enterprise was selected over a major restaurant chain. The same, a week later, Lydia, Camron and staff will serve breakfast to 250 members of the Public Defenders Office.

Mi Pasion will finally stage its official Grand Opening to an already sold out event and the guests will enjoy a Red Carpet entrance, a succulent dinner and the passionate “ORGASMIC BAJA TACO.”

More, the crowd will also be treated to live music by the Latino Fusion ensemble “CALLE PLACER,” TROVADOUR “CHUY PEREZ,” PLUS UP AND COMING COMEDIAN “MONIQUE FLORES.”

A partner, Chef Camron Torres is a young Latino rising star in the food-restaurant industry. A gifted food artist, he has mastered Mexican, French, Italian and Mediterranean cuisines and has been mentored at Bottega Louie, Café Pinot, Cita Pizzeria, and Pez Cantina with Chef Brett Thompson. Additionally, as with many iron master chefs, Camron was first schooled in the wonderful flavors of Mexico City by his grandmother Coty Valdez. Torres was born in L.A. and raised in Whittier. He graduated at Eleanor Roosevelt HS and thereafter studied Production Recording Arts and films at Los Angeles Recording School and Cerritos College.

Lydia Rodriguez Arago, was born and raised in Los Angeles, Boyle Heights and El Sereno. She is a 4th generation member of the activist Rodriguez Family and founders of La Serenata de Garibaldi, where at 14, she got her first job restaurant and it was then she envisioned Mi Pasion. She was raised and also heavily influenced by her great grandmother Isabel. Today, a single mother, she is presently a research and analytical paralegal with a high power downtown law firm and she plans to attend law school in the near future.

Mi Pasion specialties: lobster, Shrimp and Fish Filet, Fettuccine Alfredo’s, Filet Mignon, Asada Ranchera, Taquizas Al Pastor, Pollo, Veggies, Asada and more……


For elaborate decorating needs Mi Pasion has partnered with Hirad Shams and Adrian Gonzalez of Creative Planners Group.
Hosts: Antonio Rodriguez and Mariana Herrera

Event sponsors *George Rojas a Fashion Expert Celebrity Stylist and CEO of Gorgeous Goddess Jewelry

*Levis Nacaj is CEO and editor for Amare Magazine.

*Peter Madrigal, TV Producer and a cast member on “Vanderpump Rules Reality Show.” *“Stolen Spirits” the world’s first ever smoked rum with hints of vanilla, coffee and fenugreek, founded by a New Zealand immigrant.

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WHAT: Mi Pasion Red Carpet Event

WHERE: 3411 Dorchester Ave. El Sereno L.A. 90033

WHEN: Saturday May 7, 2016 @5 to 8 PM

Who: Lydia and Camron 626-676-8308