by Javier Rodriguez 18 Jan 2017

On January 20th, the bombastic anti Mexican and neo fascist strong man Donald Trump will be crowned and seated in the most powerful imperial chair in the world. With the aid of an ultra conservative billionaire transition team, he has formed his cabinet of billionaire hyenas, an Exxon Oil man and military men.

Last week the president elect held his first press conference since winning the election. The political event arrived in the midst of the scandal pointing to Trump with alleged information of secretly taped encounters, involving the President Elect and sexual providers in Russian hotels, which the American intelligence community included in their recent Russian hacking report. Vindictively, they leaked the 35 page study prepared by a British 007 agent and subsequently, the massive website Buzz Feed published it. It also came at the point where the Republicans launched the first missile against the Affordable Care Act “Obama Care,” as part of their orgasmic dream to dismantle and destroy the social net inaugurated by Pres. Franklin Roosevelt in the New Deal and enhanced by Barack Obama. But more important, close to 60 democratic congressm@n are boycotting the inauguration ceremony, while thousands of fighting organizations with hundreds of thousands will be protesting against the president to be, in the capitol and hundreds of cities from coast to coast. At the same time, the polls are not being kind to Donald. They paint a picture of him going down a Niagara Falls cliff before he is seated.

The press conference at a D.C. Trump Hotel was a theatrical presentation of boxes, a power of attorney of sorts, to convince us and the media that he’s going to be an honest president, free of influence peddling and “not using the White House as another one of his money making schemes.” -Really. If you believe this, I have a bridge to sell you-. The authoritarian rich man then proceeded to lambast the media, in particular CNN coverage on the intelligence report and violently denied its reporter any participation. No different than the ousted Mexican Jorge Ramos.

For this Friday Jan 20th, the inauguration ceremony and the ball, will be short of American and foreign entertainers,  singing super stars, poets and actors -including Mexicans- who, with the usual exceptions, all endorsed Hillary Clinton, the winner of the popular vote with three million more than Trump. 

As I always do, from the incept, I followed the campaign diligently. Especially looking for political developments and markers in general and within the 57 million Latino-American community, its recognized leaders and the polls. Trust me, Trump had zero national endorsers, and, the more credible pollsters always had him at less than 20%. In fact the Latino decisions poll of 5,000 voters and a recent study/article published in the LA Times on the election results, gauged his final Latino vote at 18.3%.

However in my research I did find the story of Teresa Hernandez, a hard core Republican Latina leader in Orange County and a member of the once powerful Lincoln Club. Early on in the campaign, she publicly declared her passionate support for Trump and I quote, “I also love him and I have forgiven all his flaws because I know he will turn Washington around.” Orange County Register. Meaning of course le perdono/she forgave his anti-Mexican and immigrant hating campaign strategy which was repeatthousands of times by a profit hungry media. Trump awakened, fomented and injected new layers of White racist intolerance, xenophobia and ignorance in the minds of tens of millions of Republicans in search of a scapegoat; As a complementary set of campaign phrases there was also the often repeated call for the deportation of all 11.5 million undocumented, the building of a 40ft border wall to stop all immigrants and Mexicans and also build a registry and prevent 1.2 billion Muslims from entering our country. All this, in addition to his despicable misogynist view of women, LGBTQs, the disabled and the sick in the tens of millions.

 Teresa’s and Trump’s values here are quite similar. She is reported to have led a GOP recruitment campaign in the Mexican barrios of Santa Ana, with the main talking point being, “democrats support homosexual marriages, join the Republican Party.”

 Along with her spouse Jose Hernandez, she is also the owner of Cielito Lindo Restaurant and Sol de Mexico Mariachi Nite Club. Unfortunately, El Sol, one of the top Mariachi ensembles in the world and bred in LA, for many years, has been used to serenade the fiestas of the Lincoln Club and Republican elites in Orange County.

 This brings me to Benito Juarez, the first Mexican Indian to be elected President in the continent and Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s most respected hero. He was the leader of the victorious war against the French occupation of 1862. Before the French-Mexico war began, a group of conservative Mexican traitors actually traveled to France to plead to the Emperor Napoleon to invade Mexico. Very similar to those that meet with and express their love for Trump. Being the world’s number one colonial power then, a Napoleon and his nation in decadence, erroneously accepted. In the first battle of 5 de Mayo 1862, Mexico routed the French imperial army, and three years after, the Europeans were defeated. The appointed Duke Maximilian and all the Mexican traitors at his service were executed. To Latinos and all people of goodwill, this is the moral of the story, ZAZ.

 Javier Rodriguez is a journalist and a media and political strategist  blog,

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