Contacts: Marta Samano Gilda Ochoa Manuel Maldonado

AMENDED 14 March 2017


Hola a tod@s-to All  members of the Puente Sanctuary Coalition……

I am certain you are aware of the arrest of a undocumented father taking his daughter to Vanguard Charter School in Lincoln Heights, next door to Boyle Hts where I live. Along with a similar and violent arrest in South L.A., the story went national, and created an uproar because the mega tragic drama taped and narrated by the daughters, in tears, and placed on the social networks and international news. What I am writing you for is the fact that, several organizations and clergy, held a protest today in front of the federal jail in downtown L.A., along with the daughter, highly articulate, and her high school friends. She dramatized it perfectly and it was again covered by a big show of media. This is the point. I did not recognize any one the usual suspect movement leaders/orgs and about 2/3 of the people were white, including the young spokesman, and a combination of youth and elders.

The Puente Sanctuary Coalition is very similar, made up of primarily new entries into the formal immigration reform battles and the issue that brought us together is of central concern and unitary to many. It has been very successful so far to the point of forcing Sanctuary from local governments and School Boards. It is gaining recognition and trust from the general community and circles of influence, Attornyes, teachers, politicians and serves as a fighting model to imitate. However, we have yet to engage in defending an arrested ICE victim and family from the violent tactical arrests taking place. You can be sure it will happen and it will become a 24/7 Coalition task to wrest the neighbors from the claws of the largest police army in the U.S., ICE.

An added point is the fact that these arrests are the ICE and Homeland Security follow up moves to the recent national raids in homes, streets, jails, courts to further penetrate our neighborhoods and schools to terrorize, intimidate and create the widespread fear into a national mind set of panic in the 11.4 million undocumented.   To reiterate, we have yet to make a general call to all the people of the San Gabriel Valley to take the streets and protest in marches by the dozens, hundreds or thousands. Additionally, we have yet to enter the public scene with an effective press event at the L.A. Federal Building and tell the media and the County of L.A. who we are. Trust me, the new generation, CHIRLA, las Hermandades Mexicanas, the Latino Congreso, etc., will come to show their solidarity.

Whoever doesn’t come to lend their support is still stuck in the canine territorial and “solo llevo agua a mi molino” factional and sectarian divide. At the same, time we can announce our support for May 1st to massively and organizationally unify and strengthen the fightback against Homeland Security and the Trump Administration in defense of the people. Lastly, call for a unified struggle which as several of you have commented, it will be a stronger message to all America, the allies and the government, much like the Women’s March which mobilized an estimated 3 million in the U.S and internationally more in 30 other countries.

The last plea to TRUST ME again is to recall that of the  ¾ million Women that marched  on that same day, it can be speculated that 10% of the I million population of San Gabriel Valley may have participated, and today, they are probably waiting for the  Coalition’s to bring the fightback to their territory, your community, and for this a magical website is desperately wanted.

The Puente Coalition unequivocally has already proven itself and it has the needed infrastructure to socially embrace the SG Valley women marchers of Jan 21. You have nothing to lose and tens of thousands of people to win. ZAZ

Javier Rodriguez bajolamiradejavierr@gmail.comn blog 323-768-5328