This is the 20th Chavista Win out of 21 National Elections.

By Javier Rodriguez    Los Angeles    3 August 2017

As expected, Venezuela’s the successful Constituent Assembly Electoral victory over the U.S. backed ultra-conservative opposition, held on July 30, the U.S. government and a platoon of right wing Latin American countries, including Colombia, Peru and pathetically Mexico, immediately refused to recognize the results, announced victoriously by the Socialist Venezuelan Regime. As expected the lying sociopathic and right wing Trump administration hurriedly and violently moved to impose the infamous imperial economic sanctions.

With exceptions, the private media cartels, also lined up against Venezuela, hypocritically questioning the voting results and labeling them “insane”. However when the right wing held its recent referendum, not a single one,  including La Opinion, Univision, Telemundo, Estrella TV, Milenio, Televisa, NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox News, etc., objectively questioned the right wing vote results. In fact, in hard numbers, the “only thing published and republished thousands of times by the global corporate media, was the 7 million plus votes announced and proclaimed by the referendum organizers”. There were no numbers given on who voted, the amount of voting polls and votes per region, etc. In fact, independent progressive media labeled the U.S. backed election as a glaring fraudulent exercise.

It’s the same pattern of media misconduct exhibited in the last 5 months, who has only cited the “general quantity” of deaths in the streets, and, in no uncertain terms, with zero factual data, they have placed the blame on President Maduro and the Socialist Government.

Additionally, when looking inside their misinformation numbers, you see they conveniently omit the executions and burnings of dark skinned humbled dressed Venezuelans, now estimated at 22 out of a 100 plus deaths. These are mostly citizens caught in or near the daily right wing protests held in middle and upper class neighborhoods and some killed by professional sharp shooters.

Furthermore, while the U.S., the media and the opposition complain of the long lines and lack of groceries and medicines, they pitifully   turn a blind eye as to who is behind the organized burnings and ransacking of bodegas, warehouses, markets, pharmacies and book stores incited and partially led by Colombian paramilitaries and paid drugged lumpens.

In all, this is fascist Nazi Goebbels-ian misinformation at its best. However, orchestrating the five month failed uprising is the CIA and American taxes.

Javier Rodriguez is a co-founder of the March 25 Coalition, a journalist, blogger and a Media and Political Advisor   blog LaRayueladeJavier.Wordpress.c